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2011 NFL Lockout, CBA Issues: Twitter News Resources And Open Thread

As of this posting we're eight hours away from the expiration of the current NFL CBA. It's tough to tell what's going on at this point as conflicting information rolls back and forth. As we wait to hear whether 2011 will feature an NFL Lockout or not, I wanted to post some Twitter resources to follow this developing story. These are not all the resources at your disposal, but a few of some value. The first three are better for a bit more nuanced information, while Schefter and Mortensen have as many contacts around the NFL as anybody else:

Andrew Brandt, National Football Post
Daniel Kaplan, Sports Business Journal
Liz Mullen Sports Business Journal
Adam Schefter
Chris Mortensen

This story has taken on a life of its own today as we hear rumors about a possible extension of the negotiation deadline. The union has until 9pm to get a letter out indicating their intent to decertify, which means this could (and probably will) go right up to the expiration time. I don't imagine today's threads will reach the comment and activity level of the Jim Harbaugh threads when we were getting 800+ comments every two hours. However, we'll continue providing news updates as information becomes available.

If you have other sources of information please link to them. The twitter-verse is filled with all sorts of informative individuals that have a lot more connections than I do, so if you come across other resources, let us know.