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NFL Lockout, CBA Negotiations: 24-Hour Extension Of Deadline

NFL Network is reporting the NFL owners and players have agreed to extend the CBA expiration deadline for 24 hours to allow for more discussions. Although an NFL lockout, decertification, and all sorts of litigation remain on the table, I would argue this is a positive sign. Chris Mortensen tweeted that folks shouldn't get too excited and I would certainly caution folks not to get psyched about this. However, this is a move in the right direction. Anything other than a lockout, decertification and litigation has to be a step in the right direction.

I'm curious to see how whether we get any sort of round the clock negotiations. Yesterday the two sides appeared to break up at around 2 or 3pm eastern time. It's now after 5:30pm on the East Coast and players are coming out of the negotiation session. Apparently ESPN News will have some explanation soon, possibly with Andrew Brandt of National Football Post. I'm not in front of a television so if you have a chance to flip on ESPN News, please do so.

There is plenty to be done so the next 24 hours will be interesting to track. Plenty more to come...