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Golden Nuggets: Who Will The 49ers Take?

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Hey folks, don't forget to head over to our ongoing mock draft over at SB Nation Bay Area. As of this posting, the Cincinnati Bengals have made their pick and coming up today are Arizona, Cleveland, and this afternoon, the 49ers pick will be in. So head over and see how it looks so far as myself and my colleague over there mock it out, we'll likely extend into the third round. San Francisco's pick will be a surprise. As far as actual, factual links pertaining to 49erland, I believe there are plenty, though I've got to head to bed early tonight, so my personal commentary may be brief, at best. As usual, if you come across any links I may have missed (for instance, those that generally post at midnight each night), go ahead and post them up in the comments and make me look like I didn't do my due diligence, which I guess I didn't in this case. Enjoy, folks.

Ryan Mallett will workout for the 49ers on April 12th. I'm really conflicted on Mallett at this point, considering at one time he was probably my second most-wanted quarterback of the last few years, the first being Josh Freeman, of Tampa Bay Buccaneers fame. But his 2010 season showed so many negatives that I just don't consider him much of an option anymore. I suppose I wouldn't hate the pick, but he's no longer a player I pull the trigger on. (

Don't the 49ers have enough tight ends? Probably, but they still have a workout with a projected tight end. Much has been said about Jim Harbaugh's utilization of the position, but I don't see the top two guys having their jobs be in danger. Maybe they go for someone a bit more athletic than Nate Byham at this point? Maybe they project Byham to be a fullback? Who knows right now? (

This is a decent breakdown of the quarterbacks the 49ers could be drafting when it comes time to do so, and where San Francisco would be looking to draft said prospects. (

It looks like the city of San Francisco and the 49ers have settled at least a few differences, as the team will be getting some repair and upkeep capital over the next few years for Candlestick park. (

Draft Spotlight: Prince Amukamara (

49ers defensive line analysis (

Hey look, some national coverage of the 49ers' ineptitude at the quarterback position. Yay! (

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