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New NN Moderating Staff

After going through the various recommendations in the Call For Moderators FanPost, I've come up with a preliminary crew of moderators for the site. They will be:


It's possible we will add another moderator or two. Additionally, the staff may change if scheduling conflicts develop. For now though, these five guys will be helping to keep things on the straight and narrow here at NN. We're still in the preliminary stages of this as we figure out the best way to move forward. Part of the plan is to develop a more focused philosophy on community guidelines here. That's not to say we'll introduce a bunch of new rules, but rather shore up the rules we already have in place.

For now I just wanted to introduce who would be handling moderation going forward. They'll be the proverbial co-equal branch of the NN government. I'll work with them and if I see swearing or something I'll issue appropriate warnings if nobody else has. However, they'll be the ones primarily in charge of moderation on the site. If there is some kind of egregious disagreement in regards to some form of moderation I'll be available to chime in, but generally speaking what they say/do will stand. That's also part of the reason we're involved in discussions about moderation and the site so they're all on the same page.