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Caption This!

And to think: I was really convinced that I'd never have another chance to do another good, old-fashioned Alex Smith Caption This!

At the time I'm writing this, rumors are that a deal between Alex Smith and the 49ers will more than likely be announced. At the time you are reading this, one of three things will be true: 1) A deal will be signed, 2) A deal will not be signed, but will still be imminent, or 3) The possibility of a new deal will be debunked. Whatever the case, it's the perfect opportunity for a little caption fun.

I found this image particularly fitting. There's something about the look on Alex's face, something that seems to speak for everybody involved in this whole scenario, for Alex Smith, for the team itself, and for the fans, something that seems to just scream: "Oh geez, not this crap again."

Because Alex doesn't want to be a 49er. The 49ers don't want Alex. And the fans don't want Alex. It's a three-way marriage of the greatest inconvenience, only being celebrated because all actual convenience has been exhausted.

So here we are, facing the possibility of another year with the same faces, if in fact there is a year. Go ahead: Let off some steam. Use the comments to provide your captions, and rec' the ones you like the most. Last week's rec' winner was hudd07.