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Golden Nuggets: No Idea What's Going On

We had some excitement yesterday, what with the deadline approaching and Fooch's source regarding Alex Smith and him potentially signing with the 49ers. I think, at this point, we'll likely see him in San Francisco. It's unclear as to whether or not the 49ers can sign him presently, with the extension that was granted and all. One report said that no, it would not be possible, but Matt Barrows of the Bee says that it is allowed.I don't know who I believe, I'm just going to sit back and watch. I don't have strong opinions on Alex Smith one way or another. I feel like, if he comes back, then Jim Harbaugh at least sees something he can work with. He's not "just" a guy who is there and therefore is getting signed, otherwise we'd hear more talks about Troy as well. Either way, my thoughts are a bit scattered right now so I'm just going to get to your links.

The potential lockout could be bad for just about every team in the league, but for the 49ers, it could honestly be catastrophic. Harbaugh and Co. need all of the time they can get to assemble the roster and install the playbook. (

Here's even more on that. Could be a bad, bad offseason for the 49ers. I'm captain pessimism. (

Troy Smith simply isn't accurate enough to run Jim Harbaugh's west coast offense. It's not that he's totally bad, he's just not a fit at all here and wouldn't even make sense as a backup. (

The 49ers are just waiting to see what happens. I'm sure everyone is nervous, but that hasn't forced them into making some moves prematurely. Whatever they do will be calculated, and while it's alarming that nothing is being done, I think that's a lot better than acting too fast, like they've done in the recent past. (

So the players get one more day of being employed. Wooh! (

Eason Ramson: Full Circle (

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