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2011 NFL Mock Draft Database: 49ers Second Round Picks 2.3

Mock Draft Wrong Bunch
Mock Draft Wrong Bunch

Now that the 2011 NFL Combine is wrapped up, we're slowly starting to get more NFL mock drafts going beyond just a single round of projections. I've been keeping a second round mock draft database and while several of the mocks are slow in updating, we're getting more and more updated second round projections. Please post links to additional second round mocks if you can find them. In mock drafts it seems like the first 10 or 15 players can be determined with some degree of certainty, although maybe not their specific teams. However, after the first half of the draft, players can climb and drop fairly easily.

This year it seems like there are 10 or so players (give or take several) that are solid options in that top part of the draft with a bunched up group after that. Some positions are deeper than others, but the general group is fairly bunched up. One position with a decent amount of depth in the 2011 NFL Draft is cornerback. Coincidentally enough that is also one of the 49ers top areas of need. This need and depth is officially being reflected in our mock draft databases.

In the first round mock draft database, 13 of the 30 mocks had Patrick Peterson or Prince Amukamara going to the 49ers. Our updated second round mock draft database (posted in full after the jump as well) also is led by cornerbacks, with six cornerbacks being projected out of 22 mocks. This leads all positions. The leading corner this time around is Aaron Williams out of Texas.

Scouts Inc. ranks Williams as the number five cornerback behind Peterson, Amukamara, Jimmy Smith, and Brandon Harris. Mocking the Draft also ranks the top five corners in this order. However, where Scouts Inc ranks Williams as the No. 38 overall player, MtD ranks him No. 28.

Williams measured in at just under 6' and 204 pounds at the Combine. He ran a 4.52 40-yard dash and Scouts Inc seems to generally like his skills in coverage. They indicated his weaknesses were giving receivers too much of a cushion and a general need to get more aggressive in coverage. They also state that his weaknesses are attributes that can be improved upon at the NFL level.

Given the 49ers need for a corner, is Williams a guy you would like to see the 49ers grab? If they grab Peterson or Amukamara in the first round they wouldn't be going corner again in the second round. However, if they end up with Miller or Quinn (or some other non-corner), there is enough talent that maybe they go with a second rounder corner. Any thoughts on second round corners in general?

2011 Mock Draft Database - Round 2
Site (Last Update)
2nd Rnd Pick Pos. College
SB Nation NFL Ras-I Dowling CB Virginia
Draft Tek - 3/2 Davon House CB New Mexico State
Walter Football - 3/3 Brooks Reed
OLB Arizona - 3/2 Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada
Fox Sports - 3/3 Aaron Williams CB Texas
The Football Expert (Clearwater) - 3/2 Christian Ballard DE Nebraska
New NFL Draft Marvin Austin DT UNC
New Sport Draft Jaquizz Rodgers RB/WR Oregon St.
With The First Pick - 3/3 Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State
FF Toolbox (Welser) - 3/2 Brandon Burton CB Utah
FF Toolbox (Dimon) - 3/2 Stefen Wisnieski C Penn State
FF Toolbox (De Lima) - 3/4 Aaron Williams CB Texas
FF Toolbox (Standig) - 3/2 Jurrell Casey DT USC
FF Toolbox (Weida) - 2/3 Christian Ponder QB Florida State
FF Jungle - 3/4 Quinton Carter S Oklahoma
Draft Season (Falk) Christian Ponder QB Florida State
Draft Season (Edlund) Dontay Moch OLB Nevada
NFL's Future Christian Ponder QB Florida State
Football Dialogue Christian Ballard DE Iowa
NE Patriots Draft Aaron Williams CB Texas
Guys NFL Draft Locker Room - 2/1 Dontay Moch OLB Nevada
Sideline Scouting - 2/13 Christian Ponder QB Florida State

Results To Date -- 3/4/11
By Position
Position #
Cornerback 6
Outside Linebacker 3
Defensive End 3
Defensive Tackle 2
Running Back 1
Center 1
Safety 1