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Golden Nuggets: Everybody Limbo! I Mean ... Everybody's In Limbo

Good morning everyone, and a big thanks to Fooch for getting the Nuggets for me yesterday. There was a multitude of reasons as to why I couldn't get them done, but I'm back now and you don't have to suffer anymore. I know you guys love me very much, and all. I'm sorry that I left, I won't ever do that to you guys again. Manraj7 almost cried, I could tell by the tone of his posts. It's OK, manraj. Ninjames is here. As far as pertinent news, it seems as though all is quiet. The CBA negotiations were extended, but I'm sure you know that by now. Everyone is just sort of waiting around, wondering what is going down. I watched some MMA yesterday, didn't pay attention to the NFL one bit ... did I mention the fact that I sincerely hate the offseason? I enjoy it for maybe a week, so my brain can recharge and I can stop feeling bad about the 49ers and their terrible season, but after that I just need more football. I need it. Enjoy the links.

Mike Mayock says that quarterback Blaine Gabbert is worth the first overall pick. Mayock is a guy I really do trust, but I just can't see Gabbert being the pick, though I do like him more at this point than I did a few months ago. (

This labor dispute is having an effect on everybody, including assistant coaches. If a work stoppage occurs, assistant coaches could end up forfeiting up to 40% of their pay for the year. That's a lot of scrilla. (

They're working throughout the weekend on the CBA - or at least they say they are. I bet they're all on vacation. (

I don't think I need to write any more than the title of this post: Singletary, Alex, Harbaugh and quarterbacks: A blog(

Chad Ochocinco says the Carson Palmer trade talks are real. I think we can trust Chad, personally. (

Free agents, 49ers, state of limbo, etc etc. (

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