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2011 NFL Combine: It's a Wrap - Rounds 3 & 4

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In very recent history for the 49ers, they have done very well in the mid to late rounds in finding players that can contribute in a lot of different ways. Specifically, Frank Gore. He has been one of the best 49ers of all-time. It's very unfortunate that he has not been able to get to the Superbowl, let alone the playoffs... Maybe this year though, eh?

In looking back, here are the players that the 49ers have selected in the 3rd and 4th rounds since 2002, the last time the 49ers were in the playoffs. It's interesting to see how the trend of bad drafting has potentially taken a turn for the better in the last few years.


Saleem Rasheed - Linebacker - Alabama - 3rd Round
Jeff Chandler - Kicker - Florida - 4th Round
Kevin Curtis - Defensive Back - Texas Tech 4th Round


Andrew Williams - Defensive End - Miami - 3rd Round
Brandon Lloyd - Wide Receiver - Illinois - 4th Round


Derrick Hamilton - Wide Receiver - Clemson - 3rd Round
Isaac Sopoaga - Defensive End - Hawaii - 4th Round
Richard Seigler - Linebacker - Oregon State - 4th Round

With that, let's take a look at the rest (2005 - 2010) as well as the potential draft picks that may fit with the 49ers in the 3rd and 4th rounds in the upcoming draft...



Frank Gore - Running Back - Miami - 3rd Round

Adam Snyder - Offensive Line - Oregon - 3rd Round

No 4th Round Selection


Brandon Williams - Wide Receiver - Wisconsin - 3rd Round

Michael Robinson - Running Back - Penn State - 4th Round


Jason Hill - Wide Receiver - Washington State - 3rd Round

Ray McDonald - Defensive End - Florida - 3rd Round

Jay Moore - Defensive End - Nebraska - 4th Round

Dashon Goldson - Safety - Washington - 4th Round

Joe Cohen - Defensive End - Florida - 4th Round


Reggie Smith - Cornerback - Oklahoma - 3rd Round

Cody Wallace - Center - Texas A&M - 4th Round


Glen Coffee - Running Back - Alabama - 3rd Round

No 4th Round Selection


Navorro Bowman - Linebacker - Penn State - 3rd Round

No 4th Round Selection


The short list of potential 3rd round selections:

Ras I-Dowling - Cornerback - Virginia 

Andy Dalton - Quarterback - TCU 

Dion Lewis - Running Back - Pittsburgh

Vincent Brown - Wide Receiver - San Diego State

Sam Acho - Outside Linebacker - Texas

Dontay Moch - Nevada - Outside Linebacker


The shortlist of potential 4th round selections:

Ricky Stanzi - Quarterback - Iowa

Noel Devine - Running Back - West Virginia

Terrence Toliver - Wide Receiver - LSU

Greg Little - Wide Receiver - UNC

Owen Marecic - Fullback - Stanford

Chris Rucker - Cornerback - Michigan State


There are so many other options and ways to go with the picks here, but in looking at the boards and areas of need, it seems like these few players here would be the best way ago assuming they were available. So with that, I'd be interested to see everyone else's interpretations of what we should do in the 3rd and 4th rounds.