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Niners Nation After Dark: You've Probably Never Been To An NFL Game

NN After Dark 2
NN After Dark 2

Welcome back to Niners Nation After Dark where college basketball championship week will never fully distract us from the San Francisco 49ers. I'm a pretty big college basketball fan so it's certainly somewhat of a distraction. In fact, I'm heading down to Las Vegas on Wednesday to watch the Mountain West basketball tournament through the weekend. UNLV is my favorite college basketball team and I rarely get a chance to see them in person, so this should be a lot of fun.

Speaking of seeing teams in person, there was an interesting bit of knowledge dropped at last week's Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Cowboys' COO Stephen Jones stated that only 3% of NFL fans have actually attended an NFL game in person. There's no explanation as to where that number comes from or even what constitutes an "NFL fan." Whatever your definition of "NFL fan" that 3% figure is pretty interesting to consider. You figure season ticket holders constitute a good size chunk of people attending NFL regular season games. Given the prevalence of season tickets I suppose it's not the most shocking figure in the world.

How many people here have attended an NFL game in person? The NN audience might not be sufficiently representative of this 3% figure since we've got some hardcore fans here. However, I'm still curious how many folks have attended an NFL game. I've been to games before but I actually haven't been to a whole ton of them in my life. It's a bit cost prohibitive at times, and I also enjoy the NFL on television quite a bit.