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Golden Nuggets: Not Much But Whose Line And Trance

Morning everyone. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of links to work with today. In fact, I don't really see any new links, so some of these will be re-posted. I honestly don't have much to talk about regarding the 49ers, either. Everybody is just waiting to see what happens, while I am simply pessimistic about the entirety of the situation. I doubt a deal is going to get done, and the only thing keeping me from going insane (and also giving me the ability to concentrate on writing) is this wonderful trance mix from a good buddy of mine, Thundersheep. Awesome name, right? I've always thought so. The trance mix, along with the news of a new Whose Line Is It Anyway-esque improv show hosted by Drew Carrey and starring most of the old cast of said Whose Line are really the only two things I've thought about today. The 49ers are in limbo, the entire NFL is in limbo, and the draft feels like it's months from arriving. Woe is us.

I'm really worried about the nose tackle position. I feel as though Aubrayo Franklin will walk, and I'm not sure how to measure Ricky Jean Francois and his readiness, or lack thereof. If you missed it, I took a look at some of the potential nose tackles in the 2011 NFL Draft. I've got my eye on Sione Fua, personally. (

Who is the best head coach in the NFC West? I'm going to have to go with Ken Whisenhunt of the Arizona Cardinals, with Steve Spagnuolo in second and Pete Carroll somewhere around ... sixty-fourish. I really don't like that guy. Hopefully Jim Harbaugh can make a case after the upcoming season that may or may not actually happen. (

Here is Sando's latest mailbag post, always a good read. I kind of laugh when I read things like the guy talking about the cornerback position, sometimes I wonder why fans have to be so unrealistic. Love the passion, but the 49ers aren't going to do all of that, not by a long shot. Releasing Nate Clements would also be a bad move at this point. (

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