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49ers Safety Position: Who Is Starting In 2011?

Things are fairly quiet right now so I thought I'd open up a fairly basic, but also rather contentious subject for discussion. We've had some discussion including some discussion about the position in general, and about Taylor Mays in particular. The 49ers secondary had a lot of question marks and the safeties brought their own set.

Starting free safety Dashon Goldson finds himself entering some level of free agency, whether it be restricted or unrestricted depending on the new CBA. After a high impact 2009 season, Goldson appeared to regress in 2010. Although I recall a Maiocco post at some point discussing how the coaches liked what he produced, it simply wasn't what 49ers fans grew accustomed to in 2009.

While Reggie Smith is trying to find his way in the NFL, Taylor Mays will be looking to build on an up and down rookie season. The talent is there for both Smith and Mays, but now it's a question of consistency. If they can put things together, who's to say they're not a potent 1-2 punch of the future.

Given the free agency uncertainty of Dashon Goldson and the talent of the 49ers other safeties, what do people see happening at the position in 2011? Can Reggie Smith emerge as a free safety option going forward? Or would you move Mays there and move Goldson or Smith in at strong safety?

The 49ers will have Chris Maragos and Curtis Taylor in training camp but even if they earn roster spots I'd be shocked if either was a starter at any point in 2011 for reasons other than injury. But if you think they or any free agents or draft options could make their way into the 49ers starting lineup, feel free to specify in the comments.