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2011 NFL Combine: It's a Wrap - Rounds 5 - 7

This is the last post in looking back at the players that could be slotted in each of these rounds as well as some of the guys that could be good fits for the 49ers.

Yesterday, we looked at the 3rd and 4th rounds and the players that may be a good fit should they be around. The later rounds are perhaps about as easy to predict as picking winning lotto numbers for a multi-million dollar jackpot. Okay, okay... maybe not that hard, but it's definitely not easy.

There's been players in each draft that pan out to be better than a majority of first round talent. Though it's not common, it makes you wonder what the heck scouts were looking at in their evaluations of those players. Maybe they had character or injury issues. Maybe they had a horrible off season leading up to the draft... there are a multitude of possible reasons, but it just goes to show that even guys who are paid to scout talent, don't always hit the nail on the head either.

Similar to yesterday, I'd like to display the picks in rounds 5 though 7 in the last decade to see how well the Niners have done from then to present.


No 5th round selection

Cedrick Wilson - Wide Receiver - Tennessee - 6th Round

Rashad Holman - Cornerback - Louisville - 6th Round

Menson Holloway - Defensive End - UTEP - 6th Round

Alex Lincoln - Linebacker - Auburn - 7th Round

Eric Johnson - Tight End - Yale - 7th Round


Brandon Doman - Quarterback - BYU - 5th Round

John Shaw - Defensive End - Michigan State - 5th Round

Mark Anelli - Tight End - Wisconsin - 6th Round

Eric Heitmann - Center - Stanford - 7th Round

Kyle Kosier - Tackle - Arizona State - 7th Round

Teddy Gaines - Defensive Back - Tennessee - 7th Round


Aaron Walker - Tight End - Florida - 5th Round

Arnaz Battle - Wide Receiver - Notre Dame - 6th Round

Ken Dorsey - Quarterback - Miami - 7th Round


No 5th round selection

Andy Lee - Punter - Pittsburgh - 6th Round

Keith Lewis - Safety - Oregon - 6th Round

Cody Pickett - Quarterback - Washington - 7th Round

Christian Ferrara - Defensive End - Syracuse - 7th Round


Ronald Fields - Defensive Tackle - Mississippi State - 5th Round

Rasheed Marshall - Wide Receiver - West Virginia - 5th Round

Derrick Johnson - Cornerback - Washington - 6th Round

Daven Holly - Cornerback - Cincinnati - 7th Round

Marcus Maxwell - Wide Receiver - Oregon - 7th Round

Patrick Estes - Tight End - Virginia - 7th Round

Billy Bajema - Tight End - Oklahoma State - 7th Round


Parys Haralson - Outside Linebacker - Tennessee - 5th Round

Delanie Walker - Tight End - C. Missouri State - 6th Round

Marcus Hudson - Safety - NC State - 6th Round

Melvin Oliver - Defensive End - LSU - 6th Round

Vickiel Vaughn - Safety - Arkansas - 7th Round


Tarell Brown - Cornerback - Texas - 5th Round

Thomas Clayton - Running Back - Kansas State - 6th Round

No 7th round selection


5th round selection forfeited for tampering charges

Josh Morgan - Wide Receiver - Virginia Tech - 6th Round

Larry Grant - Linebacker - Ohio State - 7th Round


Scott McKillop - Linebacker - Pittsburgh - 5th Round

Nate Davis - Quarterback - Ball State - 5th Round

Bear Pascoe - Tight End - Fresno State - 6th Round

Curtis Taylor - Safety - LSU - 7th Round

Ricky Jean-Francois - Defensive Tackle - LSU - 7th Round


No 5th round selection

Anthony Dixon - Running Back - Mississippi State - 6th Round

Nate Byham - Tight End - Pittsburgh - 6th Round

Kyle Williams - Wide Receiver - Arizona State - 6th Round

Phillip Adams - Cornerback - SC State - 7th Round



The shortlist of potential 5th rounders

Pat Devlin - Quarterback - Delaware

Richard Sherman - Cornerback - Stanford

Wayne Daniels - Outside Linebacker - TCU

David Carter - Defensive End - UCLA

Derrick Locke - Running Back - Kentucky  


The shortlist of potential 6th rounders

Tyrod Taylor - Quarterback - Virginia Tech

Jalil Brown - Cornerback - Colorado

Brian Duncan - Outside Linebacker - Texas Tech

Corbin Bryant - Defensive End - Northwestern 

Tori Gurley - Wide Receiver - South Carolina


The shortlist of potential 7th rounders

Ben Chappell - Quarterback - Indiana

Jason Teague - Cornerback - TCU

Jonathan Freeny - Outside Linebacker - Rutgers

Frank Kearse - Defensive End - Alabama A&M

Chad Spann - Running Back - Northern Illinois


Summary: As you notice, it's not a very common trend (with the 49ers at least) that talent is found in these later rounds; although the verdict is still out on the last couple of drafts. Trent Baalke seemed to have done a fairly decent job at finding some late round talent. There wasn't a single 49er that got cut from last years draft. With that said, let's hear some of the later round guys that you all would like to see suiting up in red and gold next season.