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Golden Nuggets: No More Rambling

Oodgay orningmay olksfay, Injamesnay erehay ithway ouryay Uggetsnay orfay ethay ayday. Itway asway uggestedsay atthay Iway oday ethay Uggetsnay entirelyway inway Igpay Atinlay, utbay I'veway ecidedday otay onlyway oday ethay irstfay otway entencessay inway uchsay away ayway. Now that manraj7's request is out of the way, it's time to get to something comprehensible! We had a shortage of links yesterday, so instead you got to see me ramble on about trance and things of that nature, well tonight I'm not going to ramble on about anything because I'm kind of in a hurry to get these posted. Still nothing going on as far as our 49ers are concerned, mostly because there's no news pertaining to the CBA negotiations which may or may not actually be happening. There are, however, some pertinent links today, which is a nice change. Enjoy 'em while they're hot.

HB Brian Westbrook left his heart in Philadelphia. He obviously does not return to San Francisco in 2011, which is good because the 49ers don't want him back. No hard feelings of course, Brian is just either too attached to Philly, or he is too attached to getting carries. (

I feel like this article was written by Jon Gruden for gratuitous usage of the word "grit," but it's a good read, regardless. Jim Harbaugh's teams have always had physical running games, with a "ph," because you can spin any other way however you want - it's still wrong. (

Should the 49ers be interested in Cam Newton? No, they really should not be under any circumstances. He may end up being a decent quarterback in the NFL, but it sure will not be in a west coast offense. (

Here's a post with an idiotic solution to the stadium plans. Playing at these stadiums might be feasible for a short while, but they are not long term solutions by any means. This new governor knows nothing of the situation and his words should not be considered. (

Draft Spotlight: Patrick Peterson (

Brian Westbrook's comments regarding Philadelphia confirm the fact that the 49ers will be looking for another running back. It's presently unclear as to what capacity this new guy will be utilized, all we know is that Anthony Dixon will be getting more carries, which I like. (

Path to the Draft: SEC Week (

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Being a Sheep

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Just a side note that as soon as I typed "rambling" in the title, I thought to myself "HAH! Jewelry for sheep. Ram bling." I simply thought you all should know this.