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Golden Nuggets: Barber, Burress And The 49ers?

So Tiki Barber, huh? I'd love to say that I'm surprised, that I didn't see this coming, but when I really think about it, I kind of did. Barber left the NFL when he was perfectly capable of continuing to play, and left just before a Super Bowl, which is such delicious schadenfreude, is it not? To be fair, I bet Tiki has something left in the tank, though I'm not sure how much. The big thing to consider is the fact that he has been sitting on his [site decorum] doing nothing for the majority of the time and maybe working out occasionally. Someone like Plaxico Burress is much more likely to succeed in my mind, and he'll actually get calls from other teams. Come to think of it, the 49ers could be a potential suitor for Burress. What do you guys think of that? Anyway, we've got a few links today, so let's get to them. Enjoy

So we all heard that Brian Westbrook doesn't want to be a 49er next season, but were the Philadelphia Eagles tampering with him? I'm thinking the Niners should at least look into things, just to cover their bases. (

Dave Razzano had some things to say about Von Miller, but I personally don't care. You folks know my opinion on this guy's opinion! Still, can't let my bias get in the way of me posting an article. (

Both Cam Newton and Ryan Mallett received mixed reviews in regards to their recent pro days. Newton's was ... pretty awful. (

Matt Barrows' latest draft crush is not a surprise at all: Von Miller. At least Matt has good taste, no? (

George Seifert and Dwight Clark were both inducted into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame. (

There may be competition for the 49ers in the Kevin Kolb sweepstakes, which is fantastic in my mind, because ... well, you guys know why. So I will now use my amazing rhetoric and skills as a writer to convey unto you my position and illustrate it in such a way as to convince you: Kolb blows. (

Will Michael Crabtree eventually catch on and live up to his draft status? In this offense, I believe that he will. (

Draft Spotlight: Julio Jones (

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