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2011 NFL Draft: Is Von Miller Going To Be A Bust?

Last year, former NFL scout Dave Razzano made some waves with 49ers fans when he indicated to Matt Maiocco that back in 2005 he had rated Alex Smith as a non-starting player. He is back with some more comments about this year's current draft class. He was on CSN's Chronicle Live show and had this to say about Miller:

"He's got some Vernon Gholston in him ... I'm not a big Von Miller fan ... In looking at Big-12 tape, he does not have a motor. He doesn't chase hard. They run at him, and he doesn't fight off blockers. When he gets sacks, a lot of times he's not getting blocked. He's a one-move guy."

Miller recorded 17.0 sacks as a junior, and he was reportedly hampered early last season with a high-ankle sprain.
"I think that's an excuse," Razzano said of the injury. "I use Pat Willis as an example. He would still be tough and aggressive. But Miller doesn't fight off blocks. He still shows speed on film, but I don't see the effort."

"Somebody is going to make a mistake on him."

Maiocco brought this up because he said there hadn't been many if any vocal critics of Von Miller's game thus far. However, I'd say we've had some critics here at NN. I don't have any specific examples off hand, but I know I've seen people critique Miller's game in the past couple months as he's raced up draft boards. Of course we also have some folks that are big fans of Miller.

Whether you're a critic or supporter of Miller, what are your thoughts on Razzano's comments and on Miller in general. Is he a can't miss product, or is there some bust potential there? I've included a poll with some percentages to see where people sit with Miller.