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No CBA, No Football: Caption This!

I'm entering week two of the No CBA, No Football Caption This! and I'm already wondering how long I can keep it up. As time goes on, it may be necessary to allow certain kinds of football. No, no, I don't mean soccer. We covered soccer last week. I mean things like college football or the UFL or Pop Warner. I've always said that in a pinch you can always make fun of Pop Warner football.

But, for now, let's try to keep it up. And since it's my policy to choose easy targets for these things, I found a nice photo of Charles Barkley. The twist? He's not the easiest person in the photo to make fun of.

As usual, use the comments section to provide your captions, and rec' the ones you like the most. Last week's winner was VigilanteSteve. Who will it be this around?