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Golden Nuggets: Trade Him!

So quite a few people don't feel very good about Michael Crabtree, which I definitely understand. He hasn't inspired much confidence in his two NFL seasons, it's easy to assume that he won't put in the work and effort to do what he needs to succeed in 2011. I just am on the other side of that argument, I think he will make that transition, and I've been a huge Crabtree-hater since even before we drafted him. It's mostly a gut feeling, but my gut feelings are usually right. I like to think you folks are hoping I'm right ... beyond that, let's go ahead and kill the trade talks right now. It's not going to happen. I hate how the general consensus whenever somebody doesn't like somebody, it's always "TRADE HIM!" What are you folks hoping to get for your self-proclaimed "lost cause?" Come on now. Anyway ... there's some good links today, but not many. Let's get to 'em, chiiiildren. Enjoy. And no .. I have nothing planned for April Fool's Day.

I've had moments where I like Jake Locker, and moments where I don't. I've been convinced, unconvinced, skeptical and confident all at one point or another. As the draft nears, I feel as though Locker is once again picking up steam. The lights have allegedly come on, and I would be alright with the 49ers taking him. The problem is, they're probably in a position where they won't get him, now. He'll go in the middle of the first round, after Cam Newton and before Christian Ponder. (

Some draft prospects have talked a little bit about how they might fit in San Francisco, which is cool. There's more and more Locker. (

The 49ers were on hand to witness Robert Quinn's pro day. I consider him a viable option at seven, or rather, I believe the 49ers will be considering him at seven, though I don't know if I'd personally make the pick at that point. (

49ers visits and what they mean (

49ers offseason free agency preview: Linebackers (

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