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49ers 2011 Roster Confidence, Wide Receiver: Arnaz Battle Is A BEAST!

Last year saw the emergence of one of the league's top wideouts, and the San Francisco 49ers were lucky to have him. When Michael Crabtree faltered, letting passes get away from him and into the hands of opposing players, there was another receiver who's hands were like glue and caught everything that went his way. When Josh Morgan bluntly declared "It came down like a punt, coach,", another receiver gladly caught the wavering, tumbling punt-like balls that came his way ... and even returned punts, too!

I'm talking, of course, about Arnaz Battle, a guy who, if he continues his stellar play, is the only receiver in the league with even a hope of catching Jerry Rice and his lofty records. Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson Jr.? There's mere men, nay, mere children, nay, mere vermin in comparison to the Godliness of Battle and his insane receiving talents. I don't even know why I'm making this post, there's no way you guys can vote anything less than ten.

Battle is quick off the snap, and changes direction well. Trying to keep up with his route running is more useless than a three-dollar hooker with no singles at a two-dollar bill convention. He is the clearest number one receiver I've seen in years. I really don't have much else to say about his merits as a wide receiver.

One great thing is the versatility he provides on special teams. Battle is a proven kick and punt returner, with sure-hands and an ability to make people miss. He's decisive and knows when to call for the fair catch, and didn't fumble once in 2010. Plus he's just really, really fast. He makes Ted Ginn look like he's Arnaz Battle or something. Super fast.

So to confidence levels. A '10' would imply that this man is the greatest thing since sliced bread (aside: I wonder if the man who invented sliced bread knew what kind of benchmark he was setting for mankind?). Voting for '10' would imply that you want to have children with him. Anything other than that implies that this man is an absolute beast through and through.