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Golden Nuggets: I Can't Quit You

So, I'm feeling good after yesterday, at least mentally. A great night of fights, a San Francisco Giants comeback win and a San Jose Sharks win (plus a San Jose SaberCats win on Friday) and I'm feeling really good. One thing though that really gets to me, in regards to being happy about sports: I always think about football, and this stupid lockout. I think about how the 49ers probably won't be that good next season without a full offseason and I think about how there might not even be football this year. Every single moment of sports happiness is tainted by the fact that I might not get to see some NFL football this year. It's a sobering thought, and I remain pessimistic. But let's get to your links, at least. I think there's a few, maybe a couple repeats, as I haven't had time to read them lately, but I'll try and keep away from those. Here's the links.

Ryan Mallett is coming to town for the 49ers ... I'm not too sure if he's a great fit for the offense, but I definitely used to be huge on him prior to this past season. (

Here is Sando's latest mailbag post, generally a good read. It seems everybody is on the Josh Johnson-to-San Francisco bandwagon at this point. (

As noted before, teams have until the end of the draft to speak to their rookies. At 9:00 a.m. today, I will have a post on the matter exploring possibilities that could arise from this. (

Sam Lam mocked the first seven picks, and came out with the 49ers taking Prince Amukamara. I cannot stress enough just how good of a scenario this is ... too many people are overlooking him and considering him just a cheap consolation prize in the Patrick Peterson sweepstakes. That's not the case. (