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Golden Nuggets: Can't Catch Up ... I'm Like Nate Clements

Once again I stayed up too late and had to write other things, so quick Nuggets for the day. Hopefully, today I will post my cornerback rankings for the 2011 NFL Draft prospects, it was a lot more difficult to put together than the outside linebacker post. Either way, I need to get to these so I can pass out. Have a good one, folks. ... Oh I just looked, and there's nothing new, so I'll just repost some links from yesterday. Sorry about that, if you see anything posted that I missed, feel free to post it in the comments.

Arkansas QB Mallett to visit 49ers on Monday (

Mailbag: Josh Johnson and 49ers QBs (

Charley Casserly: His view of Alex Smith (

Teams have until end of draft to talk to rookies (

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