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Golden Nuggets: Cornerbacks ... Need Cornerbacks

Yesterday, I posted my personal cornerback prospect rankings for the 2011 NFL Draft, so if you missed that, go check it out, vote and comment. I'd be happy with most of those guys being 49ers in 2011, but obviously some more than others. I think the position absolutely has to be addressed in the first three rounds, though it is possible that there are guys still around in the fourth and perhaps even the fifth. I'm past the point of feeling like Tarrel Brown will ever amount to anything, so even if we get one in the first or second, I'd like to grab another guy in the fourth or fifth. I also don't think we've got a developmental guy other than Phillip Adams who can amount to anything. Other than that other guy, you know, the guy who was on the roster, never played, has almost no upside, but Singletary liked? Yeah ... him. Anyway, let's get to your links. Enjoy, chiiiiildren!

So, I guess I can post this even though I really, really dislike Tom Brady and am not interested in the slightest, but what I care about doesn't really matter. According to this special that is apparently ongoing, Brady has never gotten over the fact that the 49ers passed him up. (

Looks like I'm not the only person who is wondering why Gary Plummer was fired from his radio analyst position. Well, I think everybody knows why, but people are looking for an official explanation, which they won't get. Like I said before, Eric Davis is a good guy, but he's not Plummer, and what wasn't broken didn't need to be fixed. (

I am a believer in the Madden Curse and did not want Patrick Willis to win the whole thing, but him getting beaten by the dog killer is a travesty. That's really all I have to say on that. (

Ray Lewis had some nice things to say about Patrick Willis. I like Lewis, and I think Willis is at least as good as him at this point in the game. (

Look out 49ers fans, the Cleveland Browns would not hesitate to draft another cornerback in the top ten if he's worth the pick, so that's one team that could definitely take Patrick Peterson if he makes it that far. That's why I had them take him in Tre9er's Twitter draft. (

The 49ers are having another running back visit to work out. This one's a power back, and that speaks to the fact that you just can't place all of your hope on a guy you took in the sixth round after he showed his limitations last season in Anthony Dixon. That isn't to say he's out of things, but they're looking at guys who play like Frank Gore. (

Of course, a mock made by 49ers fans solely who don't care about it being realistic would have Peterson falling to the 49ers. Not that it couldn't, but I think you guys get what I mean. (

Here is Sando's latest mailbag post, always a good read. I tend to agree with his take on the 49ers quarterback situation, though I think it is possible that some of the second round guys could start from day one, if we do get some kind of offseason, which I doubt. (

Apparently Cam Newton scores high on the Joe Montana factor, but I refuse to read an article that even states something like that. Not really, I glanced over, but yeah .... reachin'. (

Draft Spotlight: Colin Kaepernick ... can't say enough about this guy. I really do like him at this point, in the second round. (

It looks like the NFL may be trying to sabotage the NFLPA's draft events they'll have going on. It's certainly possible, by any stretch of the imagination, but I don't know how much I trust the source ... either way, the use of the word 'sabotage' seems a little much here. (

Path to the Draft: Best of the Rest (

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