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Golden Nuggets: Too Mad To Write, But You Guys Are Spoiled

If you didn't read the Niners Nation After Dark post for early this morning, I suggest you do so because of its strong subject matter. I just scheduled a post on the matter for SB Nation Bay Area, but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't see the light of day because I really kind of go off on this guy for the article he wrote. No, not Fooch and the After Dark post, while I will someday eliminate Fooch from the picture and takeover Niners Nation, I am referring to the article that the After Dark article is referring to. Maybe don't read that article, because every time I do, I just get mad, and I was already mad yesterday. I suppose I said I would keep the personal stuff to a minimum in the Nuggets going forward, but I apologize for this one, it needs to be said: that guy is not only a bad writer (how many single-line, one-two word transitions can you use in one piece before it becomes redundant?) but he lacks compassion and just ... ugh. Let's get to your links, folks, though there might be some reposts.

So, we've got our four preseason opponents set, at the very least. When I heard the news, I thought for a moment I might get excited, but I remembered that I'm supposed to be pessimistic regarding the whole lockout situation and all of that. (

Jim Harbaugh says that Alex Smith has skin like an armadillo. I love it, that's a great way to put it, I feared that with the absence of Jimmy Raye, we'd be without colorful, half-crazy sound-bytes. (

The 49ers aren't just working out quarterbacks, they're doing their due diligence regarding pass rushers and cornerbacks. I really feel we're in a great place in the draft to come out will at all positions of need without reaching. (

Here's another one of those nifty draft trackers, though this time from Maiocco. I think there's a great assortment of guys thus far. (

Here's a cool piece on Jim Leavitt, definitely worth a read. It's awesome, seriously. (

Draft Spotlight: Young and Pettis (

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