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Gary Plummer Fired, Likely Due To Racy Interview

So, I had a post about Gary Plummer's firing over at SB Nation Bay Area, thanks to the reader in the Golden Nuggets who pointed the original piece of to me. Basically, folks were wondering for a good while as to why Plummer was let go as the San Francisco 49ers' radio analyst - most figured it was just because of his criticisms and the like, which is understandable. That's what I thought when I first read the linked article. But after listening to some audio and reading up on the things covered in an interview with Lady Brain that Plummer took part in ... I have to figure the team let him go for that.

I don't really know what else to say that hasn't already been said. If you're lazy and don't want to click, Plummer touched up on things like teaching his brother how to perform oral sex, his open marriage, and most importantly: certain favors that he says the 49ers organization did for the players back in his playing days. Honestly, I don't see how these things can come as a surprise to anyone, what's surprising is that Plummer said it. Here you are, touted as the voice of an organization, and you're going to cast a negative light on the best years of that organization's existence.

So we're in a weird situation where I totally understand why the 49ers cut ties with him, but I'm conflicted because Plummer was very good at what he did as a radio analyst. I am not personally offended by anything he said, and I think you have to be pretty thin-skinned to do so, but it's something that he should have known better than to say. What do you guys think about all this? I really have nothing else to add, I just sit and stare at the words and think "what?" And also how creepy he sounds in the audio. Really creepy.