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2011 NFL Draft: Ranking 49ers QB Prospects

The quarterback position is one that is heavily debated here at Niners Nation. Whether talking about Alex Smith or any of the draft prospects, it incites passionate discourse. Given the importance of the position to the 49ers future, I thought it was time we came up with a community-based positional ranking of quarterbacks. We've been using this polling system for our overall big board and I figured we can easily use it for other such votes.

After the jump I've posted the poll with 20 different quarterbacks. I realize this does not include every single QB available in the 2011 NFL Draft, but if you think Iowa State QB Austin Arnaud is one of the five best QBs on the board, I don't think we can be friends anymore (my apologies if you are actually related to Austin Arnaud).

In terms of voting criteria, I think voting should be looking at these QBs and how they fit with the 49ers. If you think a certain quarterback is a better fit for what you think the offense will look like going forward, that person would be a higher fit than somebody who has the potential to be a solid quarterback but you see as not fitting the 49ers going forward. It's hard to express what you should consider, so just go with your gut. This is a QB positional ranking for the 49ers, so vote accordingly.