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Golden Nuggets: Feeling A Lot Better

So, yesterday I had a post on John Steigerwald's irresponsible "journalism" over at SB Nation Bay Area, you can find the link below after the "Yesterday on Niners Nation" section. I got some props from Deadspin, which is always nice, but I have a follow-up post on SBNBA in a few hours, so check it out when it posts at 7:00 a.m. when you get the chance. I was surprised by the emails I received talking about Steigerwald, but then again ... maybe I'm not that surprised. 

Gary Plummer said that the 49ers referenced his racy interview when they fired him. I think this represents about 80% of why they fired him, but I do feel like his criticisms were getting harder and harder to deal with. (

Hey, Marcell Dareus fell to the 49ers in another mock, in which case, they'd probably take him. At least, that's what I think. (

Which is great, because Dareus is set to visit the 49ers for a workout. (

49ers must go for impact in the first round - I totally agree in every way, so long as they're not reaching to do so. (

Draft Spotlight: Andy Dalton (

Casserly and Lombardi Talk 2011 NFL Draft (

Colin Kaepernick: What's his Montana factor? (

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