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Caption This! Fake Astronaut Edition!

I'll just take a moment to remind our readers of my current "no CBA agreement, no football" policy for the Caption This! It's a pretty straightforward policy. The rub is that, like a cow, it will only last as long as I can milk it.

For now, though, the milk is flowing. And it's flowing into a big "astronauts on a baseball field" shaped bucket. So drink up while it's still warm. Warm and thick. Yum. Put it over your cereal. Use it to create a delicious hot chocolate. Wash your hair with it. Drive it to the theater. Let the battery die completely before recharging.

What was this list I'm making again?

Oh yeah, astronauts. The best part about this whole thing is that they think they're on Mars. Boy, the budget for NASA has really plummeted lately.

So, enjoy they photo. As usual, take this opportunity to write potential captions in the comments section. When you see one that makes you laugh, chuckle, guffaw, or spit out a big mouthful of your warm, thick, sweet cow's milk, rec' it. Rec' it good. Last week's rec' winner was wjackalope. Yeah, that guy.