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Golden Nuggets: Oh, You Guys...

The 2011 NFL Draft is getting closer and I really can feel it, but I was really, really focused yesterday on the San Jose Sharks and game one of their playoffs. I have to tell you guys, it's a horrible, awful feeling for awhile. That game and how close it was ... I feel like it shaved a few years off of my life. If and when the 49ers make it back to the playoffs ... good lord, that is going to be ridiculously bad for my health. Beyond that, I was surprised to be visited by mcwagner of this very site (that's Niners Nation, so you know) at my store yesterday. I was sitting in the office, unkempt and not expecting to deal with people - he just shows up out of the blue. I'm a little embarrassed actually, I was really "blah" yesterday, but no matter. Any of you folks can come into the store, just don't be lame like him and leave without buying something. Just saying. Here's some linkage.

Fabrizio Scaccia signed with the Arizona Rattlers of the Arena Football League. That doesn't mean he's not going to be on the 49ers, just that his contract allows him to do this in the meantime. (

Taiwan Jones impressed at his Pro Day yesterday. I've liked the guy for awhile now, but teams need to be wary of the numbers and not pick him solely based on those. Solid mid-to-late round prospect, though. (

It's worth noting that he wasn't even at 100%, too. (

49ers inside linebacker analysis (

Draft Spotlight: Kyle Rudolph (

McShay Discusses 2011 Draft Talent (

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