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Golden Nuggets: Anger And Rage

Happiness and joy, followed by anger and rage. I realize that those are the same two emotions followed by two emotions that are also the same with one another and ... I don't know if that sentence made sense at all, but I feel like just saying one of "anger" or "rage" doesn't cut it and I have to go with both. I'm speaking, of course, to a win from the San Francisco Giants, followed by a loss from the San Jose Sharks. Don't tell the folks at McCovey Chronicles, but I would have much preferred a Sharks victory, seeing as how it's the playoffs and all. Also, I'd like to make it mandatory that everybody in the comments of today's Nuggets laugh at manraj for wussing out of the game in the first period. It's his second ever hockey game, and he's out? In the words of this guy right here: c'mon son! Anyway, on to any links I might have. Enjoy.

If Alex Smith were to return in 2011, the best thing that does for the 49ers (outside of potentially giving them a guy who could work out) is allow them to allow their mystery rookie quarterback to sit on the sidelines. I don't think playing a rookie would be so bad at this point because the Niners have a stronger team in place overall than they had for Smith back when he was drafted, but some development time would certainly help. (

I really couldn't bring myself to read this piece after the opening sentence or two, but somebody might want to. I don't disagree with the title though, in that the 49ers-Smith relationship is very much that of a bad marriage. (

Here's a good piece about Kevin Mawae, his brief talks with the 49ers last season and the ongoing lockout. Oh yeah, the lockout ... I'd forgotten about that momentarily. Damn. (

Day 2 of NFL mediation ends; talks resume Tuesday (

49ers still might go with Alex Smith (

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