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2011 NFL Draft: Ranking 49ers CB Prospects In The NFL Draft

Late last week we put together a ballot of quarterbacks to come up with a community ranking at the position. After voting slowed to a trickle I published the results over the weekend, with your top-five consisting of Blaine Gabbert, Colin Kaepernick, Christian Ponder, Jake Locker, and Andy Dalton. We used the same program we use for the community big board, and I think it helps give us a better idea of how everyone feels about particular players.

Since we were able to have some success with that (over 500 votes cast), I thought we would do the same thing with some other pertinent positions for the 49ers. Today we're moving on to the cornerback position. However, we're doing this a little bit different. I ran a poll last week to determine if we had a general consensus that Patrick Peterson and Prince Amukamara are the top two CB prospects in the 2011 NFL Draft. 95% of you agreed that they were the top two prospects, which was enough consensus for me.

Accordingly, I have NOT included those two on the poll. The idea instead is that PP and Prince will occupy the top two spots, and the rest of the rankings will come from this pool of players. This list of players does not include every draft eligible cornerback, but I think the 25 I've listed are just about the best options available. In voting, factor in your expectations of the Vic Fangio defense and whether certain cornerbacks would fit better than others.

If you're not sure who some of these guys are, I'd recommend checking out Ninjames' fairly thorough rundown of the cornerback position a week ago. Obviously his subjective opinion factors in, but it's a solid source for information. You can also check out sites like Mocking The DraftNew Era ScoutingDraft CountdownDraft Tek and Draft Breakdown.