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Golden Nuggets: Everything Went Better Than Expected, Plus More Alex Smith

Good morning everybody, a significantly less angry and less rage-filled Ninjames coming to you today. Oh, the Giants did indeed lose, but I did go out to a lovely dinner and will be heading to bed at a decent hour for once. This means I'll be asleep around one in the morning because I have some stuff to take care of, but you know what I mean. That's pretty early for me. Yesterday, we had three or four Alex Smith links, and I'm not sure why. As far as I know, nothing really pertinent occurred to make it happen, so we either got a bunch of plagiarizing bloggers on our hands, or some weird coincidences. Obviously, I'm joking on that front, but there's not a whole lot new today, so expect a couple reposts ... or maybe I'll just not include them. One thing ... I'm so sick of searching for 49ers news and getting Bleacher Report slideshows. What an awful site. Let's just get to them, folks. 

Apparently, the injury concerns we all heard about Phil Taylor were false. Looks like our own 49ers confirmed that he did not have problems with his feet with their own MRI, which is cool. I don't think we have a chance to draft him unless we trade back in the first round. (

Here is Matt Barrows' latest mock draft, in which he enacts the trade scenario he presented and discussed on Twitter a couple days ago. I think it's pretty realistic, and I'd be happy with it. (

If you happened to miss it, Roddy White of the Falcons popped off at the top about Alex Smith. For some reason that I can't quite ... tell. I really have no idea where it came from. Oh well. (

This is a good piece that you may have missed yesterday ... and yes, it does have to do with Alex Smith. Again. (

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