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Listen To Replay Of 49ers Fan Forum With Roger Goodell, Jed York

The San Francisco 49ers hosted another "Fan Forum" tonight, which is a way for 49ers fans to get direct access to the power brokers and decision-makers within the organization and elsewhere. Tonight was a bit of the "elsewhere" as the 49ers had NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on the phone alongside 49ers President/CEO Jed York. That link allows you to listen to the replay of the fan forum.

I know some of you were in on the phone call. Unfortunately I missed out on the call, but thankfully we can all listen to it again. The discussion didn't include anything particularly ground-breaking. The Commish was asked about operating under the old CBA until a new one is reached, but he stated that there are several concerns with the current deal that need to be addressed now. He was also asked about the players request for more information and we got the company line from Goodell regarding the players getting all the revenue information and some specific expenses related to stadiums. Personally, I'm curious how much they know about the loan debts for these stadiums. For some owners, those new stadium debts are the big expense that would be impacting the bottom line.

There were some stadium questions and Jed York pointed to the 2015 season as the scheduled opening of a new stadium. York mentioned the team would be opening a preview center to see what's going on with the new stadium and make their seat purchases in the "not too distant future."

I didn't get a chance to listen to all of the conference call, but feel free to discuss it here. It's approximately 42 minutes.