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2011 Niners Nation Day At Candlestick

Over the last couple of seasons we've repeatedly discussed the idea of having a meet-up at a 49ers game. Nothing has really come of it and I'm too blame for that. Although the lockout could affect the 2011 NFL schedule, I still would like to start some preliminary polling on the subject. SB Nation has hired somebody to work as a community events manager, helping sites put together game-day events. If we can get some sense of when people might like to attend a 49ers game, we could get the ball rolling and be ready to get our event together if the labor dispute is figured out.

This particular poll is not a final, binding decision. Rather it's just a way to get a sense of what games work for people. Please rank the top five games you'd be able to and want to attend. I believe you have to vote for five games to get your result counted, so even if you know for sure you can only attend one of the games, vote for four more to help us out. Also, PLEASE ONLY VOTE ONCE.

Once again, please ignore the screwy commas and mention of QB. I couldn't adjust the program to fit this poll question specifically, but this is close enough.