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Golden Nuggets: Catching Up

Good morning everyone. Unfortunately, I've got to do quick links again. After today, things should level out and I should be able to get back to doing full Nuggets. In fact, I promise fuller, better Nuggets, with at least 60% more insulting manraj7, Tre9er and that LondonNiner fellow. Either way, my quarterback rankings post at noon today, can you guess the top five in correct order? There might be a 49ers-related prize for you if you can do it. Just saying. Anyway, let's get to the linkage, folks. Enjoy.

Baalke on Alex: 'The olive branch has been extended' (

Vereen, Helu highlight 49ers' local pro day (

49ers call audible - rhetorical misdirection (

Harbaughs' historic Thanksgiving no biggie to Mom, Dad (

Finally, a chance to size up 49ers coaches (

Mayock Not Sold QB Goes Number 1 (

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