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Caption This: J. Pie. Arencibia Edition

Anybody who might be coming to NinersNation for the first time this week might wonder: Just what exactly is this terrifying photo of a baseball player - on a Canadian team, no less - doing on a San Francisco 49ers blog? The answer is simple: As long as there is no CBA, I have decided to use my position as a writer for this website to protest. Simply put: No CBA, no football.

And if you think about it, this is better. If not for my half-hearted protest, you may have never even known that the Blue Jays signed the Marshmallow Man this last offseason. It was a bold move, but one that went largely under the radar. If not for my half-hearted protest, you'd be staring at some wholly unamusing photograph of Jim Harbaugh at a press conference for the third week in a row.

For the record, at least, that is not the Marshmallow Man. That is Blue Jays' catcher J. P. Arencibia. He just underwent a failed plastic surgery this offseason that made him look like the Marshmallow Man. Or, he went through a fantastically successful plastic surgery this offseason designed to make him look like the Marshmallow Man. We may never know for certain, but he seems happy about it.

So here's your chance to provide the caption for this photo. The more hilarious, the better. And, really, there's no excuse not to be hilarious. I set this one up on a platter for y'all. So use the comments to provide your captions, and rec' the heck out of any that make you laugh. Seriously, rec' them. Do you know how it feels to have one of your comments go green? Imagine winning the Nobel Prize. Now scale it back about 50%. Yeah.

Last week's winner was I'm your PTBNL. Who's going to take it this week?