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Golden Nuggets: Prince Amukamara Over Blaine Gabbert, For Me

Ah, that feels much better. For one, I got my quarterback rankings posted, so if you missed those yesterday, go check them out and please let me know what you think. Also, the Sharks won another game yesterday, which is fantastic and makes me feel great. You guys should take a page out of manraj's book and head on over to Fear The Fin for the discussion sometime. See what it's like to have a team not let you down, though I do warn you ... with the Sharks history ... yeah. Anyway, yesterday I was on XTRA Sports 910 AM in Phoenix for their live mock draft, and picked for the 49ers. I went with Prince Amukamara, with Blaine Gabbert still on the board. The picks up to that point were Newton, Dareus, Miller, Green, Peterson and Quinn in that order. I just don't think Gabbert is Jim Harbaugh's guy. And now, I need to get to your links so I can head to bed, I've got a date with the press box at AT&T Park tomorrow. Go Sharks. Go Giants. Go Niners. Enjoy, folks.

Maiocco put together his take on the 49ers board when it comes to the seventh overall pick, and I'm in agreement with him for the most part. I might be inclined to put Robert Quinn over Blaine Gabbert. (

Kawakami agrees, in that the 49ers will probably (and should) go defense at the top-end of the draft regardless. Defense would be BPA in any scenario, barring A.J. Green falling. (

Trent Baalke isn't optimistic about acquiring a veteran quarterback who has more knowledge of a West Coast Offense (read: any) than Alex Smith. (

Jim Harbaugh is a very confident man. He also likes his team to be physical, a team that can impose their will. But don't worry, this man has a lot better credentials than Singletary did. (

So, the NFL is changing the rules because Roger Goodell potentially goofed a little bit when it comes to contact with players. He called Chad Ochocinco for a good hour, and then insisted that team-to-player contact is actually allowed, so long as it's social. I wonder if Harbaugh and Smith can get together to discuss Bill Walsh's west coast system... you know, socially. Note that I know the system will not be the same as Walsh's system, it's just an example. (

This is a good piece about Jim Harbaugh and what kind of coach he'll be. I definitely love what I'm hearing and seeing thus far from the guy. (

Here's some more notes from the 49ers local pro day, courtesy of Eric Branch. (

It looks like the NFL lockout could cost the city of San Francisco in the range of about $4.4 million in gameday revenue. I honestly thought that number would be a little higher, but it is what it is. Can't really afford that right now. (

Harbaugh is more concerned about things other than the college offense any given quarterback played in. You'll notice in my QB rankings, I didn't pay much attention to whether or not a guy played in a spread - I share the same view. (

49ers Hold Competitive Pro Day (

49ers Support Kids In The Kitchen (

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