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2011 NFL Mock Draft Database, 49ers Edition: Drafting Cameron Jordan Too High?

Mock Draft Wrong Bunch
Mock Draft Wrong Bunch

The 2011 NFL Draft kicks off in five days, so we're fast approaching the end of our 2011 49ers mock draft database. We've been going through mock drafts for close to three months now, and the most consistent players since the first edition of the mock draft database have been Patrick Peterson, Prince Amukamara and Blaine Gabbert. Lately we've seen J.J. Watt moving up some draft boards and I personally have been a fan of Cameron Jordan for some time. Both guys would make intriguing defensive end options opposite Justin Smith.

I mention Jordan because he showed up in a mock draft today and it got me thinking about the issue of reaching for picks. Peterson is more or less the consensus number one here. After that, opinions seem to vary. If PP is off the board at seven, are either J.J. Watt or Cameron Jordan good enough to be worthy of the seventh pick if you're not sold on Prince Amukamara or one of the other host of players that will be available there?

If you think Watt and Jordan can each be high impact players for the 49ers, does that make the idea of either being a "reach" at seven more just a perception problem than an actual problem? Say you're comparing Watt/Jordan to the other players there. If you think Amukamara has the higher ceiling but is more likely to bust, while Watt/Jordan has a slightly lower ceiling but a much higher likelihood of success, is it too conservative to select either of them at seven?

When I look at next week's draft, if the 49ers decided to move down a few spots and could grab Watt or Jordan at lower spot, I'd be quite pleased with that first round outcome (assuming it's not a particularly stupid trade). I'd be fine with Patrick Peterson and also with Prince Amukamara, but something about Watt and Jordan intrigues me. In Thursday's 50 in 50 on J.J. Watt, Drew K mentioned how he was more or less satisfied with Isaac Sopoaga this past year. If you're down with Sopoaga and think he can work in the new Fangio defense (nothing to indicate one way or the other at this point), then it might not be a smart move to grab a defensive end that high. Personally I'm in favor of the upgrade.

2011 Mock Draft Database
Site (Last Update)
1st Rnd Pick Pos. College
SB Nation NFL - 4/18 Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
Draft Tek - 4/20 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
Walter Football - 4/19 Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
Mocking the Draft - 4/20 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
Draft Countdown - 4/20 Patrick Peterson CB LSU - 4/21 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
Draft Ace - 4/21 Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
CBS Sports (Chad Reuter) - 4/18 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
CBS Sports (Rob Rang) - 4/18
Prince Amukamara
The Football Expert (Clearwater) - 4/5 J.J. Watt
DE Wisconsin
Yahoo! Shutdown Corner - 4/5 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
New NFL Draft - 4/19 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
NFL Mocks - 4/22 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
FF Jungle - 4/22 Robert Quinn OLB UNC
Draft King - 4/8 Patrick Peterson
NE Patriots Draft - 4/21 Aldon Smith
OLB Missouri
Mel Kiper - 4/6 Patrick Peterson
Todd McShay - 4/20 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
Steelers Universe - 4/5 Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
FF Toolbox (Dimon) - 4/20 Prince Amukamara
FF Toolbox (De Lima) - 4/20 Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
FF Toolbox (Standig) - 4/15 Patrick Peterson CB LSU
FF Toolbox (Warner) - 4/11 Prince Amukamara
CB Nebraska
FF Toolbox (Weida) - 4/9 Patrick Peterson
FF Toolbox (Welser) - 4/20 Robert Quinn
PFT (Evan Silva) - 4/19 Patrick Peterson
Draft Breakdown - 4/21 Cameron Jordan DE California
Consensus Draft Services - 4/20 Robert Quinn OLB UNC
Fox Sports - 4/20 Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
Draft Board Guru - 4/17 Robert Quinn OLB UNC

Results To Date -- 4/22/11
By Position
Position #
Outside Linebacker
Quarterback 3
Defensive End 2

By Player
Name #
Patrick Peterson
Prince Amukamara 6
Robert Quinn 4
Blaine Gabbert 3
Cameron Jordan 1
Aldon Smith 1
J.J. Watt 1