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Golden Nuggets: Eternally Pessimistic, But The NFL Draft Could Change That

So the Giants suck ... also, the Sharks suck. While I'm at it, the Warriors also suck, and the 49ers probably suck. If you can't tell, I'm being pessimistic tonight. That's what happens when the Bay Area decides to emit a huge could of suckage in my general direction. In good news, the NFL Draft is just a few days away and I'm pretty certain I have no idea what is going to happen even the slightest bit. I feel like the 49ers are in a good position to come out looking great at the end of the day, but there's no telling what happens, when it all comes down to it. The only thing I really believe to be certain is that the 49ers will make some kind of trade. I don't have much basis for that, but it's what I feel like will happen. 

Jim Harbaugh liked the way the 49ers roster looked, and that played a part in him coming to San Francisco, but now he needs a complementary quarterback to really get things going. (

At the 49ers local pro day, there was competition, by the design of Harbaugh and the rest of the coaches. This probably means that nobody is guaranteed their job, they'll need to earn it. To me, this means someone like Chilo Rachal will be on a short leash, and that NaVorro Bowman/Taylor Mays will not get put in just because they're young and fast. (

The thing that I have the hardest time predicting is the what the 49ers will do in the event that quarterback Blaine Gabbert is there. My gut tells me that the 49ers are not interested in him, but I don't know for certain, nobody does really. Except, of course, Harbaugh and his staff. (

The 49ers worked out a 290-pound defensive tackle and played him at the fullback position. Apparently, he looked really good in said drills. Awesome. (

With the lockout ongoing, there may be a lot of surprising moves on draft day. Teams have needs, and with the uncertain scope of free agency ahead, they could be aggressive in filling those needs. That means the 49ers will be looking to get their corner and quarterback early, and could be doing something like drafting a nose tackle early. (

Potential draftees have been put under the microscope for a lot longer this offseason, again - going back the lockout - these guys are considered a team's primary hope of feeling certain needs. (

49ers need to draft a top-flight QB (

Team Needs: San Francisco 49ers (

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