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My Final 2011 NFL Mock Draft: Full Three Rounds Including All San Francisco 49ers Picks

This will be my fourth and final Mock Draft for Niners Nation. Today, I am including the first three rounds and every San Francisco 49ers pick. Some of the picks haven't changed from my first mock draft, while many others have. As we get closer to the draft the discombulation that the NFL Draft seems to represent becomes a little more clear. For example, it appears that Andy Dalton is jumping up the draft board, while Ryan Mallett appears to be falling. This close to the draft, those indicators seem to stick

In regards to the San Francisco 49ers, I have utilized various internet resources and am using a combination of BPA and need. Some of you will not be happy with this mock and that is fine. Others will say that it is unrealistic, but if you know how I came to each conclusion it really isn't. And, others will conclude that it is a perfect draft; thanks for that. 

In reality two or three of my picks are sure to stick, not many more. Last season I did have the 49ers taking Mike Iupati and Taylor Mays; so, I have a little to back up my claims.

Here goes...........

NFL Draft

1st Round

1.            Carolina Panthers                      QB                         Cameron Newton                        Auburn

If Cam Newton isn't selected by the Panthers with the 1st pick I can see him falling all the way to the Washington Redskins at #10. That said, Carolina seems really high on Newton and they are not willing to risk going into the 2011 season with Jimmy Clausen as their starting QB. Newton will bring a nice amount of excitement to a Carolina Panthers franchise that is lacking substance right now. He will not be ready to start right away even if the CBA is solved in time for training camp. Additionally, Newton will be a project as he has to transition from playing just a single season of Division 1 football.

NFL Comparison: Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay Buccaneers


2.            Denver Broncos                           DT                         Marcell Dareus                             Alabama

The Broncos have to go defense, defense and more defense in this draft because they were horrible on that side of the ball last season. Denver has so many holes to fill it is hard to imagine where they start. But, Marcell Dareus is a nice start. He can get to the QB on pass rush situation and fill gaps on rushing downs. This multi-dimensional player is pretty much a lock to be an All-Pro performer for the next decade.

NFL Comparison: Warren Sapp, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders


3.            Buffalo Bills                                   LB                          Von Miller                                       Texas A&M

The Bills could go with either A.J. Green or Blaine Gabbert here, but I see them going after Von Miller. Their QB pressure was incredibly weak last season as the secondary had to adjust to the signal caller getting more time in the pocket. Von Miller brings the pressure that they desperately need. In fact, I would have to conclude that Miller is the best pure pass rusher to enter the draft in years.

NFL Comparison: Derrick Thomas, Kansas City Chiefs


4.            Cincinnati Bengals                     WR                        A.J. Green                                         Georgia

Drafting A.J. Green may invoke some confidence in Cincinnati being able to talk Carson Palmer into returning. With the loss of Terrell Owens and obvious lack of production from Chad Johnson Cincinnati needs to get another weapon in the passing game. A.J. Green is the best college receiving prospect since Michael Crabtree. He will come in immediately and be the Bengals #1 receiver.

NFL Comparison: Andre Johnson, Houston Texans


5.            Arizona Cardinals                      QB                         Blaine Gabbert                             Missouri

John Skelton and Derek Anderson did not get it done in 2010 and there is no sign that either will be productive next season. Arizona needs to find a competent signal caller, and Gabbert is that. He is the best QB prospect in the draft, but his ceiling isn't as high as others.

NFL Comparison: Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys


6.            Cleveland Browns                      WR                        Julio Jones                                       Alabama

The Cleveland Browns lack the necessary weapons in the outside, and Colt McCoy is going to need someone to rely on. Chansi Stuckey led all Cleveland WRs with 40 receptions. Stuckey along with Mohamed Massaquoi are not #1 receiver material. Julio Jones would add another dimension to Cleveland's offense, something they desperately need.

NFL Comparison: Braylon Edward, New York Jets


7.            San Francisco 49ers                  CB                          Patrick Peterson                         LSU

This would be the ideal scenario for the 49ers and it is probably going to happen. That said, San Francisco does have some decisions to make even if Peterson is available at 7. Houston would pay a pretty penny to trade up to the 49ers spot from 11 and get Peterson. Picking up another 2nd round pick would enable the 49ers to trade back into the 1st round and pick up one of the top QBs. More on this pick later.

NFL Comparison: Champ Bailey, Denver Broncos

8.            Tennessee Titans                       DT                         Nick Fairley                                    Auburn

Fairley has been rated the #1 prospect by some draft guru's, Tennessee would be stoked to see him fall to 8. Will it happen? There is a real possibility. The Titans have been missing that interior force since Albert Haynesworth bolted for the Redskins. Fairley is a multi-dimensional player that can contribute on every down.

NFL Comparison: Albert Haynesworth, Washington Redskins


9.            Dallas Cowboys                                           OT                         Tyron Smith                       USC

The Cowboys do need corner help but they are going to go with the upside of Smith here. Only weighing 307 pounds, Smith has the frame to add a great amount of muscle to his body. The former USC standout has untapped potential and could turn into the building block for an offensive line that needs to protect their franchise QB better.

NFL Comparison: D'Brickashaw Ferguson, New York Jets


10.         Washington Redskins                              RB                         Mark Ingram                  Alabama

A little bit of a reach here and if I were adding trade scenarios in this mock draft this would have been a prime target. However, I am not. The Redskins need to get talent on the offensive side of the ball. The only question is; where do they go first? With both Newton and Gabbert gone a long with the two top receivers, they are going to have to reach for the talented Ingram.

NFL Comparison: Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys


11.         Houston Texans                          CB                          Prince Amukamara                    Nebraska

Houston spend their first round pick in 2010 on a CB, but that didn't help their pass defense. Once again, they finished dead last in that category. Amukamara isn't a bad consolation prize to Patrick Peterson. He can be a shutdown corner in the NFL and will come in right away and take over Houston's #1 slot in that position.

NFL Comparison: Antoine Winfield, Minnesota Vikings


12.         Minnesota Vikings                     DE                         Robert Quinn                 North Carolina

Some say that the Vikings may reach for Mallett or Locker here, but I don't believe they will. Minnesota has a history of making safe, solid picks; this would be another example of that. Quinn, a 3-4 OLB, will take over on the end opposite Jared Allen giving the Vikings two dominate pass rushers. You really cannot draw it up any better than that.

NFL Comparison: Tamba Hali, Kansas City Chiefs

13.         Detroit Lions                                 DE                         Da'Quan Bowers                          Clemson

Bowers fall is the Lions gain. Detroit lost their best pass rusher in Julian Peterson only to replace him with a more talented and younger player. Da'Quan Bowers has all the ability in the world it just depends on his health to see if he can reach that potential.

NFL Comparison: Jason Taylor, New York Jets

14.         St. Louis Rams                                               DE                         Aldon Smith                Missouri

Missouri grade, Aldon Smith, stays home with the Rams giving them another talent opposite Chris Long. Smith can play both sides, drop back in coverage if needed and has a nonstop motor.

NFL Comparison: Chris Long, St. Louis Rams


15.         Miami Dolphins                           G                            Mike Pouncey                                                Florida

If Ingram was available here, the Dolphins would take him. Instead, they are going to reach for Pouncey hoping that he follows in his brothers footsteps. It really doesn't matter who you have behind center if the offensive line cannot give him time. Accordingly, Miami's offensive line was extremely weak last season. Pouncey would give them another standout player up front with Jake Long.

NFL Comparison: Mike Iupati, San Francisco 49ers


16.         Jacksonville Jaguars                                 DE                         Ryan Kerrigan                               Purdue

Last season the Jaguars went defensive line with their 1st round pick in Tyson Aluala, and that didn't work out too great. The former CAL star only contributed with 3.5 sacks. This year they are going to look for another premier player up front and are getting that in Kerrigan. He isn't only an "effort" player meaning that he has a nice amount of talent. With Derek Harvey, Aluala and Kerrigan up front the Jaguars could be set there for the next decade.

NFL Comparison: Richard Seymour, Oakland Raiders 

17.         New England Patriots                              OT                         Anthony Castonzo     Boston College

The first of their 6 picks in the first three rounds, New England looks for help along the offensive line. Castonzo is NFL ready and can step in and start immediately.

NFL Comparison: Chris Snee, New York Giants

18.         San Diego Chargers                   DE                         J.J. Watt                                              Wisconsin

One would assume that pass rush isn't the Chargers biggest need here because they did compile 47 sacks last season. However, they are going to go with the BPA at #18. San Diego has two 2nd round picks and can address need positions while getting better value there. Watt will give them another standout pass rusher opposite Shaun Phillips along their front seven.

NFL Comparison: Marcus Spears, Dallas Cowboys

19.         New York Giants                          CB                          Brandon Harris                               Miami (F)

New York addressed the safety last off-season in Antrell Rolle, now they look to solidify what appears to be a weak CB position. Harris is a top the list of second tier corners behind Peterson and Amukamara that is not too shabby. This is an extremely strong CB draft class and the Giants take full advantage near the middle of the 1st round.

NFL Comparison: Quinton Jammer, San Diego Chargers

20.         Tampa Bay Buccaneers                           DE                         Cameron Jordan          California

Last season the Buccaneers went with two interior defensive linemen in the first two rounds with Gerald McCoy and Brian Price; that really didn't work out too well. McCoy only compiled 21 tackles and Brian Price saw limited action. This year they are going to go for that traditional pass rushing threat. I really like how Jordan's game translates to the NFL and can easily see him getting 10+ sacks on a consistent basis for Tampa Bay. They get both value and BPA here.

NFL Comparison: Andre Carter, Washington Redskins


21.         Kansas City Chiefs                      OT                         Gabe Carimi                                    Wisconsin

Wide Receiver is the Chiefs greatest need, but they are not going to reach for 2nd round talent with the 21st pick. Also, they need to do a better job protecting Matt Cassel. Carimi can come in and start from day one.

NFL Comparison: Joe Staley, San Francisco 49ers


22.         Indianapolis Colts                      OT                         Derek Sherrod                          Mississippi St.

Sherrod is extremely raw, but that a great amount of upside. For the first time in many years I saw Peyton Manning laying flat on his back a lot last season. They desperately need to protect the future Hall of Fame QB.

NFL Comparison: Eugene Monroe, Jacksonville Jaguars


23.         Philadelphia Eagles                  OT                         Nate Solder                                     Colorado

It doesn't matter if it is Michael Vick or Kevin Kolb behind center, the Eagles need to do a better job protecting their signal caller. They were absolutely horrible in this regard last season and must make upgrading the line a major focus during the draft. Solder is unheralded but extremely athletic with good balance. In the end of the day he could be the best OT prospect in the draft.

NFL Comparison: Michael Oher, Baltimore Ravens


24.         New Orleans Saints                    DT                         Stephen Paea                                 Oregon State

The Saints running game was their Achilles heel last season, but they have no reason to reach for a RB here. Instead, New Orleans goes after someone to stop the opposing teams running game. They don't have stout interior linemen, and Paea would give them that immediately.

NFL Comparison: Vince Wilfork, New England Patriots


25.         Seattle Seahawks                        QB                         Jake Locker                                     Washington

At first I had the Seahawks going DT here, but for some reason I am leaning towards Locker. Whether or not Matt Hasselbeck returns next season, the Seahawks need to look to the future. Locker was a victim of being on some bad teams with Washington, but he did appear to regress as a player throughout his WU career. That said, he does have the athleticism and talent to succeed at the next level.

NFL Comparison: Steve Young, San Francisco 49ers


26.         Baltimore Ravens                       CB                          Jimmy Smith                                   Colorado

The likes of Chris Carr, Josh Wilson and Fabian Washington are just not going to get it done for Baltimore. None of them are #1 corner material, in fact, I would have to say they are nickel type corners. This means that the Ravens are going to have to focus on the corner position here. Jimmy Smith is an extremely interesting talent. He could go one of two ways; all-pro performer or bust. I think the former is more realistic. Smith has great coverage ability and is extremely strong when it comes to the fundamentals. You are not going to see him turned around a lot in the NFL.

NFL Comparison: Jonathan Joseph, Cincinnati Bengals


27.         Atlanta Falcons                            TE                          Kyle Rudolph                                 Notre Dame

They have Tony Gonzalez, so why go TE here? Simple, Gonzalez is towards the end of his career and Matt Ryan needs a capable TE in order to succeed; he really enjoys the safety valve. Despite injury concerns, Kyle Rudolph slips into the 1st round. Take my word for it, Atlanta will not be disappointed with this pick.

NFL Comparison: Zach Miller, Oakland Raiders


28.         New England Patriots                              DT                         Marvin Austin          North Carolina

We all know how much the Patriots love their 3-4 scheme, and Austin fits perfectly into that rotation. He can play end on obvious passing downs and move inside on all other downs. I really like his ability to transition from one position to the other.

NFL Comparison: Jay Ratliff, Dallas Cowboys


29.         Chicago Bears                                               OT                         Benjamin Ijalana         Villanova

Surprisingly, I have 6 offensive tackles going in the 1st round, mostly due to need. Jay Cutler was thrown around like a rag doll by opposing defenses last season and the Bears have to protect their investment. Ijalana comes from a small school, Villanova, but it is apparent that he has all the skills needed to succeed in the NFL. This could be a steal for Chicago late in the 1st.

NFL Comparison: Bryan Bulaga, Green Bay Packers


30.         New York Jets                                                DT                         Muhammed Wilkerson           Temple

The Jets released Kris Jenkins earlier this off-season and need to find his replacement. I remember watching Wilkerson play a couple times last season and saw him throw around opposing offensive linemen to the ground on a regular basis, he really is a beast.

NFL Comparison: Pat Williams, Minnesota Vikings


31.         Pittsburgh Steelers                   DT                         Phil Taylor                                      Baylor

Taylor is a perfect fit for the Steelers 3-4 scheme, he will help open up lanes for the likes of James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley. If Taylor is here it 31, I would say it is a lock that the Steelers nab him. The fact that none of the top offensive tackle prospects are available here also leads me to believe that the Steelers are going to go in this direction. That said, if one of the top tackle prospects is available, they will have to take a look see.

NFL Comparison: Shaun Rogers, Cleveland Browns


32.         Green Bay Packers                     G                            Danny Watkins                             Baylor

A reach? Yes! But, you really need to protect Aaron Rodgers at all cost. Watkins isn't extremely athletic but works real well in between the lines. Bryan Bulaga and Danny Watkins could anchor the Packers offensive line for the next decade.

NFL Comparison: Robert Gallery, Oakland Raiders

                                                2nd Round

33.          New England Patriots                   RB                          Ryan Williams                                  Virginia Tech

34.          Buffalo  Bills                                      QB                          Christian Ponder                             Florida State

35.          Cincinnati Bengals                          QB                          Andy Dalton                                      TCU

36.          Denver Broncos                              LB                          Justin Houston                                                 Georgia

37.          Cleveland Browns                          DL                          Corey Liuget                                      Illinois

38.          Arizona Cardinals                           LB                          Brooks Read                                      Arizona

39.          Tennessee Titans                            QB                          Ryan Mallett                                      Arkansas

40.          Dallas Cowboys                               CB                          Aaron Williams                                Texas

41.          Washington Redskins                   WR                        Torrey Smith                                    Maryland

42.          Houston Texans                               DE                          Adrian Clayborn                              Iowa

43.          Minnesota Vikings                          WR                        Leonard Hankerson                       Miami (F)

44.          Detroit Lions                                     CB                          Ras-I Dawling                                   Virginia

45.          San Francisco 49ers                       QB                          Colin Kaepernick                             Nevada  

46.          Denver Broncos                              DE                          Cameron Heyward                         Ohio State

47.          St. Louis Rams                                  RB                          Mikel Leshoure                                Illinois

48.          Oakland Raiders                              CB                          Brandon Burton                              Utah

49.          Jacksonville Jaguars                      LB                          Akeem Ayers                                    UCLA

50.          San Diego Chargers                        WR                        Titus Young                                       Boise State  

51.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers                S                             DeAndre McDaniel                         Clemson

52.          New York Giants                             OT                          Marcus Cannon                                TCU

53.          Indianapolis Colts                           DE                          Christian Ballard                             Iowa

54.          Philadelphia Eagles                         G                            Rodney Hudson                               Florida State

55.          Kansas City Chiefs                           WR                        Jonathan Baldwin                           Pittsburgh

56.          New Orleans Saints                        RB                          Daniel Thomas                                 Kansas State

57.          Seattle Seahawks                            DE                          Allen Bailey                                       Miami (F)

58.          Baltimore Ravens                            S                             Quinton Carter                                 Oklahoma

59.          Atlanta Falcons                                CB                          Curtis Brown                                    Texas

60.          New England Patriots                   LB                          Dontay Moch                                    Nevada

61.          San Diego Chargers                        LB                          Bruce Carter                                      North Carolina

62.          Chicago Bears                                   CB                          Devon House                                    New Mexico St.

63.          Pittsburgh Steelers                         OT                          Orlando Franklin                            Miami (F)

64.          Green Bay Packers                         CB                          Johnny Patrick                                 Louisville

3rd Round

65.          Carolina Panthers                           WR                        Greg Little                                          North Carolina

66.          Cincinnati Bengals                          RB                          Shane Vereen                                    California

67.          Denver Broncos                              TE                          Jordan Cameron                              USC

68.          Buffalo Bills                                       WR                        Jerrel Jernigan                                  Troy

69.          Arizona Cardinals                           OT                          James Brewer                                   Indiana

70.          Cleveland Browns                          DT                          Jurrell Casey                                      USC

71.          Dallas Cowboys                                S                             Tyler Sash                                          Iowa

72.          New Orleans Saints                        LB                          Chris Carter                                       Fresno State

73.          Houston Texans                               WR                        Randall Cobb                                     Kentucky

74.          New England Patriots                   WR                        Austin Pettis                                      Boise State

75.          Detroit Lions                                     OT                          James Carpenter                              Alabama

76.          San Francisco 49ers                       LB                          Jabaal Sheard                                    Pittsburgh

77.          Tennessee Titans                            C                            Stefen Wisniewski                          Penn State

78.          St. Louis Rams                                  WR                        Tandon Doss                                     Indiana

79.          Miami Dolphins                               RB                          DeMarco Murray                            Oklahoma

80.          Jacksonville Jaguars                      QB                          Ricky Stanzi                                      Iowa

81.          Oakland Raiders                              TE                          D.J. Williams                                     Arkansas

82.          San Diego Chargers                        LB                          K.J. Wright                                          Miss State

83.          NY Giants                                            DL                          Drake Nevis                                       LSU

84.          Tampa Bay Buccaneers               RB                          Kendall Hunter                                 Oklahoma St.

85.          Philadelphia Eagles                        OT                          Jah Reid                                               South Florida

86.          Kansas City Chiefs                           CB                          Marcus Gilchrist                              Clemson

87.          Indianapolis Colts                           CB                          Rashad Carmichael                        Virginia Tech

88.          New Orleans Saints                        LB                          Greg Jones                                          Michigan St.

89.          San Diego Chargers                        S                             Chris Conte                                        California

90.          Baltimore Ravens                           WR                        Greg Salas                                           Hawaii

91.          Atlanta Falcons                                DE                          Sam Acho                                           Texas

92.          New England Patriots                   DL                          Terrell McClain                                South Florida

93.          Chicago Bears                                   DT                          Jarvis Jenkins                                    Clemson

94.          New York Jets                                  S                             Ahmad Black                                    Florida

95.          Pittsburgh Steelers                         CB                          Josh Thomas                                     Buffalo

96.          Green Bay Packers                         WR                        Edmund Gates                                  Abilene Christ.

97.          Carolina Panthers                            G                            Clint Boling                                        Georgia


Entire San Francisco 49ers Mock Draft


1.            CB                          Patrick Peterson                                         Louisiana State

The #1 overall prospect as rated by most NFL draft scouts falls to the 49ers at 7. Is it a dream scenario? Yes! But, it is also extremely realistic. We have talked a great deal about the prospect of Peterson falling to 7, now it becomes a reality. He would transform the 49ers secondary just by his mere presence. Above I compare PP to Champ Bailey and I am not going to shy away from that here. He is a true shut down corner, holds ridiculous amounts of talent and has a great character.

CBS Sports Line Rank: #1


2.            QB                         Colin Kaepernick                                        Nevada

Originally I wasn't sold on Kapernick but Drew K helped me change my mind. I think he would be a near perfect fit for that Harbaugh is attempting to build on offense. The ideal scenario would be for him to sit behind Alex Smith or some other veteran for a couple of seasons and then take the helm. His athletic ability, accuracy and arm strength are all positive attributes, but as with most NFL QB prospects he does need to re-define his pocket presence and work on a few different things.

CBS Sports Line Rank: 63


3.            LB                          Jabaal Sheard                                                                Pittsburgh

Even if Manny Lawson returns the 49ers need to find more pass rushers. I am not sure if you would consider Sheard lasting to the 3rd round as a dramatic fall, but he is extremely dominating. Sheard is an intelligent player that understands how to read pre-snap offensive formations. He could be the signal caller in the 49ers front seven moving forward. He has a non-stop motor and has the ability to puss rush opposing tackles. Naturally a 4-3 DE, the 49ers would move Sheard to the 3-4 OLB post. I see him having a smooth transition to the new position.

CBS Sports Line Rank: 34


4.            DT                         Kendrick Ellis                                                               Hampton

334 pounds, should I say more? Ellis is a beast of a man that could anchor the NT position if the 49ers decide not to re-sign Aubrayo Franklin. In fact, this selection enabled the 49ers to look in another direction when/if free agency starts. With Ellis and Ricky-Jean Francois the 49ers would be in position to spend the 21+ million that they would spend on Franklin on another position.

CBS Sports Line Rank: 62


4.            RB                         Jacquizz Rodgers                                         Oregon State

I really have a hard time believing that Rodgers will fall to the 4th round, but that is where I see him consistently on people's draft boards. Well, that isn't a problem for the 49ers. Rodgers is an absolute game-breaker who can take it the distance every time he touches the ball.

CBS Sports Line Rank: 108


5.            WR                        Jeremy Kerley                                                               Texas Christian

Not the most athletically gifted receiver, Kerley makes up for it by being consistently solid in his route running. Sometimes you just have to look at the intangibles, and Kerley has those. He will never be a #1 receiver, but will contribute a great deal in the slot; if asked to.

CBS Sports Line Rank: 162


6.            FB                          Owen Marecic                                                                Stanford

Probably the best FB prospect in over a decade, Marecic is simply that good. He is one of those throw back players that gets dirty on every play and makes the opposing defense think twice about taking him on. There is a reason that Jim Harbaugh called him "the best player he has ever coached". No reason to believe the 49ers would pass up on him here, let's just hope he is available.

CBS Sports Line Rank: 163


6.            DE                         Pernell McPhee                                                            Mississippi State

McPhee doesn't have the quickness to burst off of the line and beat the o-line with his speed. But, what McPhee does is create mismatches with his strength and non-stop motor. He would fit perfectly into the 49ers 3-4 DE rotation.

CBS Sports Line Rank: 98


7.            G                            Zach Hurd                                                        Connecticut

Well, all heard did is block for former 1st round pick Donald Brown and current prospect Jordan Todman at UCONN. He is really solid in the running game and has the athleticism to make the adjustment to the NFL. The reason why Hurd has dropped to the 7th round is because he has had trouble picking up the nuances of opposing defensive schemes. Sometimes Hurd is unsure of who to block and misses assignments. Hopefully that is something he can fix in the near future.

CBS Sports Line Rank: 154


7.            C                            Jake Kirkpatrick                                                          TCU

David Bass is set to become a free agent and Eric Heitmann isn't getting any younger. It makes perfect sense for the 49ers to take a flier on a center in the 7th round. My choices were between Jason Kirkpatrick and Chase Beeler. Both have their limitations and some real strong assets. The problem with Beeler is that the 49ers could pick him up as an undrafted free agent. It appears to me that Kirkpatrick has a much higher ceiling.

CBS Sports Line Rank: 228


7.            CB                          Justin Rogers                                                 Richmond

Despite playing at a small school, Rogers can make the transition to the NFL rather quickly. He was a shutdown corner for the Spiders throughout his entire career. Rogers intercepted 7 passes in 2008, after that QBs avoided him like the plague. Playing at a small school obviously hurt his draft stock and the NFL is going to represent a major difference between quality of play. However,  can easily imagine him taking that step and becoming a solid NFL corner. Either way, the 49ers are going to draft two corners next week; it just depends on how they are going to go about doing it. I seriously considered Stanford start, Richard Sherman, in the 5th round; but, decided to pass.

CBS Sports Line Rank: 220


7.            LB                          Mario Harvey                                                                Marshall

Despite not being invited to the NFL combined, Harvey extremely impresses scouts during Marshall's pro day. He is a strong and athletic MLB that can come in and contribute on special teams right away. Harvey earned first team all-conference honors in 2009 compiling 117 tackles and 7 sacks. And in 2010, he shattered those numbers with over 140 tackles and 8.5 sacks.   

CBS Sports Line Rank: 247



Overview: The 49ers have 12 draft picks in the upcoming draft, so they are going to have the ability to fill many holes. I used NFL Draft Site and CBS Sports Line as reference points for this mock. Accordingly, I only selected players that were  either on the board when the 49ers picked, or just went off the board prior to their pick. Many people would call this mock a dream scenario, or homerism at its worse. However, I didn't reach by having the 49ers select a player that was not going to be available with their pick.

Also, keep in mind that I am not factoring in trades in regards to this mock. I do believe that the 49ers are going to be extremely active on the phones on draft day. There is a real possibility that they trade down from #7, even if Patrick Peterson is available, in order to pick up another 2nd round pick. That pick would be used to get a Jake Locker, Colin Kaepernick or Ryan Mallet. This would allow San Francisco to go BPA with their other 2nd round pick or trade back into the 1st round and pick up a cornerback or pass rusher.