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Golden Nuggets: So We're A Step Closer ... To Something

We actually had some pertinent lockout-related news yesterday, which isn't too surprising, and actually kind of exciting. It is and it isn't, in my mind ... if this had been done just a little bit sooner, we might have been able to have free agency before the NFL Draft, which is how it should be. It hurts the players going into free agency an awful lot when teams are forced to address their needs in the draft, and that's never a good thing. Takeo Spikes is getting up there in years and doesn't have much longer to play, for sure, but I'd imagine a couple people would pick up the phone in a normal free agency period, but now teams will be sure to draft inside linebackers when they need them and that diminishes his value. This format might help the 49ers retain Aubrayo Franklin, but it's also not fair to him so I don't like it. I'm going to get to your links now, after this: Sharks are awesome and everybody has to be nice to manraj7 for one day. That's today. So be nice to him. Enjoy the linkage.

The 49ers have previously done well at picks seven, forty-five, and seventy-six in the NFL Draft, so that ... well, it really doesn't say anything at this point, but it's a fun read, regardless. (

Former 49ers great Joe Perry passed on recently ... I don't know much about Perry, but it always brings me down ... far, far down when a former 49er (or any sporting figure really) passes. Sucks. (

Jim Harbaugh knows when a quarterback has good, NFL-caliber DNA. Here's a look at that evaluation process. (

York Lends Support To New Scholars Gala (

49ers Plan to Create Competition (

This Day in 49ers Draft History: April 25 (

2011 NFL Draft preview: Running backs (

2011 NFL Draft preview: Kickers/punters (

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