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2011 NFL Draft: Blaine Gabbert, The San Francisco 49ers And The Seventh Pick

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One name that has been bandied about all around the top ten in the first round is Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert. When I published the first edition of the 2011 Niners Nation Mock Draft Database, Blaine Gabbert was the leader of the pack with 13 mocks sending him to the 49ers. Currently we're seeing a lot of cornerback predictions with the seventh pick, but that hasn't slowed the discussion about Blaine Gabbert. You can view a variety of twitter feeds to see what I mean, whether it be Matt Barrows, Matt Maiocco, or Tim Kawakami, among others. Additionally, not too long ago rumors began floating around that the Washington Redskins might be looking to move up to the 49ers spot to grab Gabbert.

Now Mike Lombardi has reportedly indicated the 49ers interest in Blaine Gabbert is "lukewarm" and his draft stock is actually slipping. Of course, that's apparently countered by Mike Mayock indicating Gabbert would go no lower than eighth to the Titans. I guess when you were at one point projected to go number one overall, dropping to seven or eight would qualify as "slipping."

The 49ers are considering a whole host of quarterbacks, and it's safe to say that opinions on Niners Nation are mixed when it comes to Blaine Gabbert. Of course, opinions are mixed on every quarterback that is available so I guess that's not really a shocking bit of information. He finished in first place in our community ranking, but the people who did not vote for him were quite pointed in their disdain for Gabbert as a quarterback in the 49ers offense.

I'd like to hear comments from both sides as to why he would or would not be a good quarterback for the 49ers new offense. I'd like people to get more specific than, "he plays in the spread offense." If you like or don't like his mechanics or something else, provide some details. The draft is only a couple days away and it'd be nice to have a better idea of a guy the 49ers could very well draft. Maybe they won't, but given how smokescreens can operate leading up to the draft, it'd be nice to get thoughts from both sides of the fence in regards to Gabbert.