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Golden Nuggets: Can You Feel It?

Ahhh, a Giants victory tastes so sweet. It also felt great to take some time and watch some sports that I didn't have a huge dependency on ... I watched a little bit of NBA action, which is rare because I find the NBA to generally be boring (college basketball is much better), but it was fun to watch. The draft is just a day away now ... can you feel it? Are you excited at all, or are you scared? Personally, I'm just saying "la la la la" because I still really don't know how it's all going to go down. Trades could mess everything up ... actually no, trades WILL mess everything up. I'm almost positive there will be a trade in the top seven picks, and I'm basically positive that the 49ers will be making some kind of move when it all comes down to it. Anyway, I'm very tired and need to get to sleep, so let's get to your links. You guys can go back to being mean to manraj7 if you'd like, that's all. Enjoy.

Nobody knows what's happening with this lockout business. Takeo Spikes doesn't know what's going on, and I don't think anybody can tell him. (

The 49ers added a former Facebook executive to their team in regards to finances and things like that, chiefly regarding the Santa Clara stadium. I don't think there's anything else to it like Kawakami suggests, and that it's a position that makes sense for Yu. His importance is there, but it is a little overstated by Kawakami. (

Where is Ricky Stanzi on the 49ers board? He's at least in the discussion at this point. I like that people are agreeing with my thoughts that Christian Ponder better fits the system than Blaine Gabbert. (

Patrick Peterson is the favorite to go to the 49ers at seven. I consider the scenario likely at this point, based on the top six teams. Right around sixty percent. (

No football activity for the 49ers, despite the fact that the lockout has been "lifted." Which essentially means nothing. (

2011 NFL Draft Preview: Quarterbacks (

This Day in 49ers Draft History: April 26 (

Goodell: Litigation Endangers NFL's Success (

NFL Labor Situation - Could the 49ers benefit? (

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