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2011 NN Community NFL Mock Draft Grades: Two Full Rounds of Great and Dead Weight

You guys put in the work and now it's time to evaluate.

Thanks to everyone who spent the hours out of their day to make this possible. You all did a terrific job!

But that is not the case with some of the selections. Some of them were great, some were good, some were so-so, and some were just flat out head scratchers.

The draft is always filled with surprises. Much like the community mock here, one draft pick in the actual draft can effect the way the entire draft flows. This exercise demonstrates just how unpredictable the draft really is year in and year out.

Even though some of the major pundits have the top five nailed down, it's likely that we will see at least one surprise in those top five selections... and many more to follow.

This mock, to some, may not be the most realistic. But what is realistic in an uncertain world?

After the jump, we will look at what some of Niners Nations members wound up selecting in their pseudo General Manager/ Head Coach position's. 

Note: I will grade these out by division so that we can see who did well in comparative to their closest rivaling opponents.


San Francisco 49ers: Prince Amukamara and Davon House (Grade = C) The 49ers absolutely need help in the secondary. But back to back corners is not only unlikely but it's just not very productive. There were several other alternate picks available after the 49ers selected in the second round that would have been more valuable. I feel like I am being generous with this grade and I feel that most would agree.

Arizona Cardinals: Von Miller and Danny Watkins (Grade = A) There's no question that the Cards pulled off a brilliant combination of need meeting best player available. They landed one of the best players in this year's draft in Miller and filled a major area of need on their offensive line with Watkins in the second. Watkins could wind up being one of the better interior lineman as far as production is concerned right out of the gate.

St. Louis Rams: Nick Fairley and Cameron Heyward (Grade = A+) It would not surprise me to see the Rams making a push to beef up their defensive line. In landing two potential first rounders (one which could wind up a top ten pick), the Rams tip-toed out of this draft like McDonald's Hamburgler running off with a cheesburger. If it went down like this for the Rams in the actual draft, Spagnuolo probably would have to change his underwear afterwards. Landing a guy that was, at one point, the consensus number one overall pick and the son of the legendary Craig "Iron Head" Heyward would be as sweet as candy corn for Rams fans.

Seattle Seahawks: Jake Locker and Marvin Austin (Grade = B+) The only reason I cannot give this an "A" is due to the fact that Locker will be developmental for a bit. Marvin Austin at this pick would be a "can not pass" type of player. In fact, I was shocked to see so many folks that could use a defensive tackle passing on him left and right.For that, the Seahwks did quite well.



Carolina Panthers: A.J. Green (Grade = B) With only one selection and no quarterback, Green was the biggest shake-up of this draft. Is it possible that the Panthers get cold feet with Newton as the number one selection? It's possible. Is it likely? Probably not. But unlike draft's in recent history, the eve before the draft does not feature the number one overall selection as a for sure thing... or signed even for that matter.

Atlanta Falcons: Justin Houston and Virgil Green (Grade = A) Two very crucial areas of need met with two extremely fitting athletes. Justin Houston would fit the Falcons lack of a solid pass rusher on the other side of John Abraham. They are set at the linebacker position in though, so I am assuming the selection was for the left defensive end position. If so, good job. Since the departure of Tony Gonzales, the Falcons have had a pretty big vacancy as far as production goes at the tight end position. Green would instantly give Ryan a dangerous target over the middle of the field. In turn this would open things up for White and Jenkins to get bigger numbers.

New Orleans Saints: Adrian Clayborn and Marcus Cannon (Grade = B+) Both of these players have medical conditions which leaves some gray area as to what their production will be at the next level. If you were speaking solely based on production at the college football level, then you may have a case for an "A Grade". However, it has to be considered as though the users were really drafting. For that, the concerns leave me to grade it where it is at.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Akeem Ayers and Torrey Smith (Grade A+) I believe that both these players would have major roles in Tampa right off the bat. The linebacker position for the Bucs is weak... to say the least. They hit a homerun with Mike Williams last year and it would just give Freeman another very young, very explosive target to throw to in Smith. Smith is the speedy receiver that the Bucs lack. If this is how it shook out, I would say (minus the Panthers) that the NFC South would be up for grabs.



Chicago Bears: Brandon Harris and Jason Pinkston (Grade = B+) While they addressed two areas of need. They may not have got the most bang for their buck in bot selections. I think there is great value in Jason Pinkston as long as he is used as in interior lineman. As for Brandon Harris, after further evaluation, it seems as though he is more suited to play in nickel packages only...similar to that of a Tarell Brown. They need starters in their secondary. I don't believe that Harris provides them with that completely. He could down the road but they need an immediate impact player.

Green Bay Packers: Ben Ijalana and Dontay Moch (Grade = A) When you are drafting for depth, you don't have much to worry about, nor do you have much to lose. They get an instant upgrade to the interior of their line as well as a speed rusher to take the full focus off of Clay Matthews Jr. The reason I did not go "A+" is because I thin that they could've stood to go with a wide receiver. James Jones will probably be out, Donald Driver is old, and Jennings can't do it alone. Overall really good draft though.

Minnesota Vikings: J.J. Watt and Andy Dalton (Grade = B+) Watt would be drafted to go on the other side of Allen which in turn would give Allen a bit more freedom to do what he does best (side note: grow mullet back; production went down). The Vikings are in limbo in regards to the quarterback position. Although Dalton is coming from a spread offense, he could be ready to go by day one. He plays the game with fire and passion. New head coach, Leslie Frazier will be looking for that in his leader.

Detroit Lions: Aldon Smith and Mikel LeShoure (Grade = C+) I had to balance the two rounds out with a "C Grade". The first round was absolutely and "A" with Smith. However, it would be a bit of overkill to have Jahvid Best (who was a 1st Rounder), Maurice Morris (who was a 2nd Rounder), Kevin Smith (who was a 3rd Rounder) plus LeShoure all rostered as running backs. Sometimes it's okay to go need over best player available; this was one of those instances.



Dallas Cowboys: Tyron Smith and Ras I-Dowling (Grade = B-) I am not so sure that Smith would be the type of lineman that the Cowboys are custom to going after. Dowling would serve as a very good number two corner to a number two corner in Terence Newman. I could not give the Cowboys a much higher grade than this. I see two potential mediocre players drafted relatively high.

New York Giants: Anthony Castonzo and Mason Foster (Grade = A-) Eli Manning got his butt kicked all over the field last year. The Giants do a good job here at addressing that situation with Castonzo, who some feel that is the best tackle in the draft. The linebacking corp has been less that stellar since the departure of the squad they had back in the mid to late '80's. With Coughlin's 43 scheme, Foster would be an excellent fit there.

Washington Redskins: Blaine Gabbert and Jabaal Sheard (Grade = A) Finally Shanahan can breath in knowing that he can trade Donovan McNabb. For whatever reason, he really did not want McNabb in. Gabbert is a great option to come in and groom to be his leader and quarterback for years to come. The Redskins have quite a few holes on their roster and Shanahan may not have too much time with an impatient Daniel Snyder always ready to can a guy. He has to go with a quarterback he will trust. Gabbert would be a steal at ten. Sheard would come in and give the defensive line a presence that they've been lacking since the departure of Albert Haynesworth.

Philadelphia Eagles: Jimmy Smith and Stephen Paea (Grade = A) Two major areas of need met by the best player available on the board at the time of selection. Getting Paea in the second round that late would be ideal for the Eagles. They would not have much risk in loss in potentially getting a first round talent at a late second round price. Smith would instantly take some of the pressure off of Asante Samuel to do everything in the secondary by himself. In other news, I hope they get snowballed in the real draft.



Oakland Raiders: Stefen Wisniewski (Grade = A) The Raiders actually had a sensible draft last year. They may have lowered the doses on Davis' medication. If they do as they did last year, Wisniewski could be a very legitimate selection right here. The Raiders got stronger in their run game last year but struggled to keep their quarterbacks upright. Wisniewski has great skills in bot run and pass blocking. His bloodlines run deep as far as professional sports go. Not that it's a qualifier or any means of measuring a player but I would not bet against him having success in the NFL. Good, solid pick considering there is no first rounder for Oakland.

Kansas City Chiefs: Derek Sherrod and Sam Acho (Grade = B+) The Chiefs could stand to get better along the offensive line; that's for sure. They need someone to help keep Matt Cassell on his feet so that he can do his job. Sam Acho is an instant upgrade to their very young, and evolving pass rush. I think that Chiefs fans would not be excited about these picks but if it were to play out like this, I think in time they'd come to appreciate them.

Denver Broncos: Marcell Dareus and Gabe Carimi (Grade = A) There was not a sense of security or stability in Josh McDaniels tenure as head coach in Denver. John Fox got booted out of Carolina and now he is picking just one slot below where he would have been if the Panthers would have kept him. Dareus at two is what most folks are predicting, so as cliche is this pick is, it's still a very good one. The second round pick is just as good. The Broncos would be getting a very good offensive lineman for great value.

San Diego Chargers: Corey Liuget and Martez Wilson (Grade = A) Once again, an instance where need meets best player available. However, the reason the grade did not max here is because the Chargers need a safety in the worst kind of way. In the first two round of the real draft, I fully expect them to pursue one.



Houston Texans: Da'Quan Bowers and Rahim Moore (Grade = B+) While this draft appears good on paper, there are deeper lying factors here. The first concern is that Bowers sustained a major injury to his leg. Even in his recent workouts, it showed that it could potentially be a factor at the next level. Williams needs some help on the other side to draw attention away but there were other avenues they could've taken to make that happen. Rahim Moore seemed to be a one-hit-wonder while at UCLA. He did very well his junior year but his production fell dramatically. I have had some of the UCLA student body tell me that he just did not play like he did last year. His performance was night and day from one year to the next.

Indianapolis Colts: Mark Ingram and DeAndre McDaniel (Grade = A-) The Colts get two very gifted athletes in rounds one and two but neglect the fact that their offensive line isn't what it used to be. Although that is the case, they can still find help in later rounds. The Colts have been very good at finding star linemen in later rounds. Of the five starters on the offensive line, only one was drafted as high as the second round. The other four consist of two undrafted free agents, a fourth rounder, and a sixth rounder. Not to say that is the way to go, but they have had a serviceable unit to protect Peyton Manning. Ingram would take some of the pressure off of Manning and McDaniel would be a great complementary defensive back to Bethea back there. Or it could wind up the other way. I believe that McDaniel is the best safety in this draft. 

Jacksonville Jaguars: Ryan Kerrigan and Titus Young (Grade = A) Now these may not be the most glamorous of picks but they are certainly ones that could put the Jags over the hump that they have been trying to get over for so long. By adding a legit pass rush and a deep threat, big play wide receiver to the mix, the Jags will have two elements that have been missing from their team for quite some time. The Jags have been so close, yet so far away from making the playoffs every year for a very long time now.

Tennessee Titans: Cam Newton and Brooks Reed (Grade = B) The Titans are going to have to draft a quarterback. Newton would add an element of fire and passion but that can only go so far. He needs to get the team to follow. He needs to do that by showing that he will be the hardest worker on the team. If he did that, then the negative perception in what some people share of him would quickly change. Not only that but it would show in his play. Reed would be drafted here to play defensive end in the 4-3. It could be a better fit for him than in the 3-4 as a linebacker. Time will tell on both these players. Both have much to prove at the next level.



Pittsburgh Steelers: Aaron Williams and Rodney Hudson (Grade = B+) While the Steelers do a good job at filling a crucial need, they ignore the possibility of Williams amounting to nothing more than a nickel cornerback. Williams does have  potential though. I think he would be best suited to play nickel for a year and then slide over in to a starting role. Eventually, he will be better than the current two starters in Ike Taylor and Bryant McFadden. Hudson would be a great pick up considering that last year he could have been the top interior lineman picked. Lining up next to Pouncey would help out a ton.

Cincinnati Bengals: Julio Jones and Ryan Mallett (Grade = B) I don't think there is much the Bengals can do to avoid all the turmoil surrounding their franchise. I would feel sorry for even Ryan Mallett if he was selected here. Mallett would more than likely start and he is not ready. Jones would be put in a situation where there would be mountains of pressure on him should Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens be out like they are claiming. In any case, these could be two possibilities but any way you chop it up, whoever they draft have a better chance to bust than any others.

Cleveland Browns: Robert Quinn and Kyle Rudolph (Grade = B+) Rudolph is considered the best tight end in the draft by a lot of folks. However, there are still the concerns in how well he will have recovered from his injury. In any case, it will provide Colt McCoy, or whoever is named the starter a viable target. Rudolph would also be able to help in the already improving Browns run game. They have not had a great pass rusher for an extremely long time. Quinn could come in and shock everyone in his production. Quinn could be a sleeper for rookie of the year. If nothing else, defensive rookie of the year.

Baltimore Ravens: Muhammad Wilkerson and Randall Cobb (Grade = B-) I think there is a misconception that the Ravens need more wide receivers than they have already. Or that they need one with speed. But the fact is that they still averaged over 300 yards a game with the guys they have rostered. They have three very capable receivers and an even more capable pair of tight ends. Why would they need speed? It's not really their game. Wilkerson on the other hand does fit what the Rvens do and would be a very solid pick for them late in the first.



New England Patriots: Cameron Jordan, Nate Solder, Jonathan Baldwin, and DeMarco Murray (Grade = A) In lookin at all three of these players and then looking at what Belichick can do with a player, I see four potential Pro Bowlers. Of course that could be said about any Bill Belichick coached player just about. For whatever reason, he gets the most out of his guys. The other thing he does well is find guys who fit his system. All four of these players do that well.

New York Jets: Phil Taylor (Grade = A+) With only one selection in the first two rounds, the Jets fins themselves in a must hit situation. They will certainly do that if they select hard-working, big Phil Taylor. They do not currently have a nose tackle and Taylor would tie up a lot of space in the middle to free up the linebackers behind him.

Miami Dolphins: Mike Pouncey (Grade = B) I do not think that the Dolphins are going to go with an interior lineman. They have one of the better offensive lines in the league. I suppose it's in the realm of possibility but I'd look for them to make more of a splash and Pouncey doesn't exactly do that for them. He will ultimately wind up being pretty good but he is not his brother. And that is that.

Buffalo Bills: Patrick Peterson and Colin Kaepernick (Grade = A+) I don't think there is a better draft for anyone if this is the way things pan out. I think that out if this quarterback class, Kaepernick has the most upside. It would be a perfect situation for him to land in Buffalo. He could sit a few years behind Fitzpatrick and then hop in seasoned like Aaron Rodgers did in Green Bay. And Patrick Peterson may just be the best player in the entire draft. So with that, they get an "A+".


Summary: It's not very probably that the draft will shake out like this but I am positive that there will be some of these selections that actually transpire tomorrow and in the proceeding days. It will be interesting to say the least... and I for one cannot wait to get to 5pm PST. Let the fun begin!