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2011 NFL Draft Pre-Draft Thread: 49ers Pick Everybody With Seventh Pick, While Also Trading Up AND Down

Word from around the media is that the 49ers have selected Patrick Peterson, Blaine Gabbert, and Prince Amukamara with their first round pick (seventh overall), while also trading said pick to move both up AND down in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. I'd argue that qualifies as a successful first day of the draft.

OK, so maybe that's not quite what will happen. Mock drafts and various rumors have the 49ers selecting one of two or three different players with this pick, or potentially trading down if they're not satisfied with Blaine Gabbert as the pick. The buzz around Blaine Gabbert has picked up over the last couple days, in spite of no sign of any real new information. I'm not saying guys like Mayock, Kiper, McShay, and Gosselin are wrong, but unless there is a leak in the 49ers front office (entirely possible), how can they say with any sort of certainty that this Gabbert is clearly the play?

Consider this thread our final pre-draft thread before we get our first live draft thread going at around 4pm. I've included a poll after the jump rather than before the jump because it's a bit too long and will push too far down the front page.

I've included a variety of scenarios for what the 49ers might do with the seventh pick and want your vote on what you think WILL happen and NOT what you want to happen. If you think the 49ers will trade down and then draft Prince Amukamara, vote TRADE DOWN. If you think the 49ers will trade up to get Patrick Peterson, vote TRADE UP.

I have NOT included Cam Newton on this post because it seems fairly certain that he is going number one to the Carolina Panthers. If you remain convinced the 49ers are going to draft him you can vote Draft Other. Just remember you're voting what you think will happen and not what you hope will happen.