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NFL Draft 2011: Von Miller Is An Aldon Smith Fan

Since we've got plenty of discussion to be had at this point, this post will be in place of our normal midnight NN After Dark post. NN After Dark will return Sunday night at its regularly scheduled time and place. In the meantime, as people have been getting into a bit of a huff over the Aldon Smith post, I thought I'd pass along a link 4956_V posted in a previous 2011 NFL Draft Thread.

At a draft function earlier today, Von Miller was asked to name a player aside from himself that he thought would be a favorite to win Defensive Rookie of the Year. Miller was quick to name your newest member of the San Francisco 49ers: OLB Aldon Smith.

"Aldon Smith," he said without hesitation. "He's a great guy on and off the field. And I really enjoyed the way he played. He played this year with a broken leg and he still had a lot of big plays, a lot of success. And if not him, Marcell Dareus honorable mention."

"He's a big guy - he's a huge guy," Miller said. "Fast, quick. He can play through pain as he's demonstrated this year. If you just cut on the film of that guy you'll see why I think he should be Defensive Rookie of the Year."

Now I realize that Von Miller is not a scout. I realize he only faced the Missouri defense once last year. Nonetheless I think that's a comment you take a certain amount of credence. I know some folks think Von Miller in his own right will be a bust. That's not really the point here. I just think this shows that maybe it's not necessary to jump to conclusions about how Aldon Smith is going to be a bust and was a waste of a pick.

It's entirely possible he could end up being a bust. Even the most confident person can't be 100% sure about anything the day after the NFL Draft. However, I think comments like these only make me feel more and more comfortable with this pick. At least comfortable enough to give the guy a shot before panning him completely.