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VIDEO: 49ers NFL Draft Pick Aldon Smith, Missouri Game Tape vs. Kansas State, Iowa, Nebraska

Over the coming weeks we'll take some time to break down all sorts of highlights and film of the 49ers newest outside linebacker, Aldon Smith. However, for the night owls out there, and for folks looking around in the morning, I thought I'd embed a mix of game tape and highlight reels. Josh from Mocking The Draft has been putting together a library of cut up game film to provide entire games in the space of 20-30 minutes. He provides offense of Team X offense vs. Team Y defense, and vice versa. Thankfully he has three Missouri games available, including their matchups with Nebraska, Kansas State, and Iowa in the Bowl.

After the jump you can view game film from those three games. I've also included the play-by-play info from so you can try to skim through to the plays of interest. These videos are ONLY Missouri defense vs. opposing offense and not Missouri's own offense. For the Nebraska game, it was his second game break from I believe a broken fibula, for which he missed only three games. The three videos are strictly game tape so not cut for just his highlights. If you find more video, please post links in the comments.

To warm you up for that, here's Pro Football Weekly's video from the Missouri Pro Day last month:

vs. Nebraska - PLAY BY PLAY

vs. Kansas State PLAY BY PLAY