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Caption This: 2011 NFL Draft Edition

Your Caption Here!
Your Caption Here!

The NFL Draft is upon us, and it's inspired me to break my "No CBA, No Football" vow for the Caption This... kind of (I'm still not showing players, you see). I was ready to write this draft off for being chock full of boring, predictable choices, but then the 49ers went and decided that it was up to them to take home the Second Annual Tyson Alualu award. And when they did that, I knew that there was no getting around making fun of the draft.

So here we are. And there are two things about Goro in this photo that I had no idea about. First, I had no idea that he got off the 'roids. Dude's slimmed down, and he's looking good. Second, I was not aware that he had assembled such an awesome posse in his time away from the tournament.

Normally, I don't do photos of fans. It makes me nervous to put non-celebrities up for this particular forum. So just remember when you're doing your caption: These guys did not sign up for public ridicule. If we can be funny without being cruel, that would be awesome. Of course, that's always a good rule of thumb, but I'd like to particularly stress it in this instance because public scrutiny does not usually come with the territory of being a normal, if hilariously enthusiastic, dude.

So take part and compete for the honor of creating the most hilarious caption for this photo, as voted on by your peers. The winner will be awarded an awesome shoutout in next week's Caption This! And don't forget to rec' your favorite ones. We've been starved for rec's lately, even though the captions (specifically mine) have been funnier than ever. Last week's winner was MattSFfrd. Good on ya!