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2011 NFL Draft: 49ers Take QB Colin Kaepernick, My Thoughts

Wow, so twitter broke pretty much RIGHT as the second round started. I was in a frenzy because while I could follow along on TV, there was no advance notice of trades being made, etc, chance to give reactions, predictions, etc. Let's just say I'm horribly addicted to "teh twittr" and I was frantic.

Anyways, the 49ers traded up and got Colin Kaepernick and I couldn't be happier. The team certainly didn't hide their interest in "Kaep", having been at the Senior Bowl, his pro-day, having him in for a visit, etc. They definitely needed to trade-up in order to get him as the QB's were flying starting with Cincinnati picking Andy Dalton at 35.

The trade cost us our fourth and fifth rounders, which I'm fine with. We have another 4th and two 6ths, four 7ths left to pick. The Raiders were incredibly interested, or rumored to have been, and could have easily sniped Kaep from us had we not traded up.

Kaepernick rushed for over 4,000 yards and passed for over 10,000 yards. He only received ONE scholarship offer out of High School, to Nevada. He worked hard though and became a superstar, traits I expect him to bring to San Francisco that will serve him well.

People talk about his long delivery, the fact that he played in the Pistol offense, etc. I know that this is a hard worker, impeccable character, who overcame the odds at the collegiate level and perfected the offense he was given. There's nothing to make me believe he wont be Harbaugh's best friend and overcome any scrutiny at the next level in order to become a legitimate NFL passer.

Aside: My youngest son is named "Collin" with two L's, but I give Kaepernick a pass...pun intended.

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