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NFL Draft 2011: Where Do 49ers Go After Colin Kaepernick?

After leaving a few people shaking their heads in the first round with the selection of OLB Aldon Smith, the 49ers followed it up with a bold move up in the draft to select Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick. In giving up a fourth and a fifth round pick to get Kaepernick, it seems safe to say he was pretty high on their board. The 49ers spent some time up in Reno at a private workout for Kaepernick and must have liked what they saw.

After dealing away the two mid-round picks, the 49ers now sit with eight picks still to go, including their third, a late fourth, two sixths, and four in the seventh. Even after that deal they still have more picks than the Raiders started the draft with yesterday! I don't know why but I find that funny for some reason.

However, on a more serious note, with eight picks (six of which they can trade), the 49ers remain in a position to do some dealing today or tomorrow. The 49ers still have some significant concerns they need to address, most notably the cornerback position. There are still some talented cornerbacks on the board. Among others, you've still got Brandon Harris, Davon House, Curtis Brown, and Johnny Patrick. The 49ers could decide to go with a nose tackle or defensive end in the third round, but I gotta think cornerback is the pick.

The question once again is whether the 49ers decide it is worth moving up again to grab one of the remaining quality cornerbacks on the board. If they decide to go with a defensive lineman, Stephen Paea is a guy getting some chatter this week. Kenrick Ellis is another talented defensive lineman that might be worth a look.

If cornerback is not the pick, where do the 49ers go with their third round pick, or maybe you see a trade up as a likely scenario?