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YouTube Sunday: 49ers vs. Rams, 1989 NFC Championship Game

Back in 1989, the San Francisco 49ers put together a dominant run that saw them go 14-2 and win Super Bowl XXIV by thoroughly decimating the Denver Broncos 55-10. It remains the most lopsided Super Bowl in NFL history as the 49ers jumped on top early and never really let up on the gas pedal, even into the fourth quarter.

As impressive as the Super Bowl victory was, the entire playoff run was incredibly impressive. The 49ers defeated the Minnesota Vikings 41-13 and then rolled the Los Angeles Rams 30-3 in the NFC Title game. You can read all about that impressive season in howtheyscored's year-by-year review of 1989.

I bring all this up because I stumbled across some solid video from that NFC championship game. I've posted the first two parts after the jump. You can find more over at this YouTube search. The 49ers have struggled and are hoping to rebound back into serious relevance, if not prominence. This is a chance to look back with fondness as we await a return to glory.

Feel free to post links to some of your favorite video in the comments of this post. At this point it's meant as a sort of semi-regular feature. I can only write so much in a given day or week about the NFL Draft before I start to lose my mind. I was approaching that recently and decided to try and mix things up a little bit with some of this video. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2